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Balearic Islands property prices

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
2013 € 422K € 458K € 460K € 465K
The average Balearic Islands property costs € 465K while Spanish property costs on average € 218K.

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Map - Balearic Islands, Spain

Balearic Islands post code: 07000 - 7182

Airports near Balearic Islands


Palma de Mallorca Saint Joan (PMI)
Ibiza (IBZ)
Menorca (MAH)
Barcelona (BCN)
Reus (REU)
Girona (GRO)
Valencia (VLC)
Alicante (ALC)
Perpignan (PGF)
Murcia (MJV)
Zaragoza (ZAZ)
Huesca (LEHC)
Montpelier (MPL)
Toulouse (TLS)
Pau Pyrenees (PUF)
Almeria (LEI)
Madrid Barajas (MAD)


Palma de Mallorca Son Bonet (LESB)
Sabadell (LELL)
Albacete (LEAB)
Pamplona (PNA)
La Rioja (LELO)
Madrid Torrejon (TOJ)

Balearic Islands weather, climate, temperature and rainfall

Average temperature - Balearic Islands (°C)

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Spain 7 7 11 13 16 22 24 24 20 16 10 7
Balearic Islands 10 10 13 14 18 23 25 25 22 19 13 10

Average rainfall - Balearic Islands (mm)

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Spain 50 48 55 44 47 13 8 18 39 78 60 55
Balearic Islands 49 57 35 50 53 13 26 46 68 85 95 49