Zahara Guide for Property Buyers and Investors


A Guide for Property Buyers and Investors

About Zahara

Zahara is a municipality of Cádiz province. It includes the areas of Arroyo Molinos, Bocaleones, Las Casas and Zahara. It has a population of 1,436 people.

International buyers make up 7.2% of the property market and the population of Zahara has fallen by 124 (8%) since 2000.

Market activity in Cádiz province is currently 52% below its peak in 2007. There were 3,272 property transactions registered in Q1 2018.

Closest airports

  • Jerez Airport
    37.8 miles (IATA code: XRY)
  • Seville Airport
    49.1 miles (IATA code: SVQ)
  • Malaga Airport
    51.2 miles (IATA code: AGP)

Climate and weather

Average monthly temperatures in Zahara (°C)

Dry days Rainfall Avg Min Max
Jan 22 51.5mm 16°C -8°C 24°C
Feb 21 38.9mm 18°C -5°C 29°C
Mar 23 36.9mm 21°C -4°C 30°C
Apr 20 58.0mm 23°C 0°C 35°C
May 22 33.9mm 27°C 4°C 38°C
Jun 28 7.2mm 32°C 7°C 41°C
Jul 30 1.1mm 36°C 11°C 46°C
Aug 30 1.0mm 35°C 12°C 46°C
Sep 25 33.7mm 31°C 8°C 42°C
Oct 21 66.7mm 26°C 3°C 36°C
Nov 21 72.1mm 20°C -2°C 29°C
Dec 20 75.5mm 17°C -5°C 26°C

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