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Everything you need to know about buying your first home in Spain

Everything you need to know about buying your first home in Spain

Top tips for a stress-free property purchase

So you’ve decided to purchase a property in Spain — congratulations! But how can you make the transition to owning that charming Spanish apartment and relocating permanently as seamless as possible?

Here are 7 tips for a stress-free move:

1. Lifestyle Considerations

If there’s more than one of you involved in the property purchase, get together and decide on what you really want. Whether it’s your partner, a friend or an investor, it’s essential to find out what things you simply can’t compromise on. Talk about the things you need, but also the things you want and compile a wish list before your property hunt begins.

Apartments and villas for sale in inland Spain can be better value for money, but it’s essential to learn the language if you want to live outside of the typically bilingual coastal resorts.  

2. Relocating your family

Spanish schools take children from the ages of 2 to 18, and compulsory education is between 6 and 16. There are free state schools, subsidised private Spanish schools and independent fee-paying schools.  

Each autonomous community has their own education policies and entrance to state-run schools are dependent on your catchment area. You can find out about the local schools in the municipal Town Hall (Ayuntamiento) where you’re looking to buy. These schools will have student quotas and might be full. You’ll need to apply by January at the latest for the start of the next school year.

3. Moving Day

Keep stress low by finding an international removals company to help with packing, moving and storage of your belongings. Ask your estate agent or friends for a personal referral and arrange it at least 3 months in advance.

Smooth your move by learning the customs laws. For example, don’t take any soil with you to Spain; carefully clean off any garden paraphernalia. Petrol and oil should be drained from machinery in transit and remove batteries from household items to prevent corrosion.

4. Retiring in Spain

Our Spain Buying Guide urges people to consider needs for now and the future. The amenities you might need are likely to change. Consider your mobility, health, income and travel options when you look at properties for sale.

5. Investing in property

If you plan to rent out your property, you’ll need to think about the features tourists want from a self-catered holiday let. Also, check with your local authorities about the legal implications of renting in your area.

If you’re renovating a property in Spain, ask for personal recommendations before seeking-out local tradespeople. Always get at least two quotes in writing.

7. Legal Considerations

Ask an independent lawyer to check all of the contract paperwork for you. Legal terms can get lost in translation and a bilingual solicitor will save on translation fees.

You will need a Spanish bank account if you want a Spanish mortgage and to pay your household bills, community fees and council tax. Charges and services can vary so find the right provider for your requirements. You’ll need to be over 18 and have the appropriate documentation.

7. Fees and Taxes

Many of the apartments for sale in Spain are in communal, managed urbanisations. These have the advantage of shared amenities like gardens, pools and sports facilities. However, there will be community fees attached to them, so find out what these are before agreeing to a sale.

For more information and details download our How to Buy in Spain guide.

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