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How to: plan your holiday viewing trip

How to: plan your holiday viewing trip

Trying to find the perfect property to buy in Spain requires a little bit of planning. Firstly you can use our location guides to research different regions and towns in Spain. When you’ve made a shortlist of places you’d like to visit, the next step is to plan a viewing trip. 

For some, using a checklist of criteria is most helpful, while for others following their gut instinct is a priority. Knowing which type you are will help you allocate your time. Either way, a bit of forethought on what you want to get out of the trip will help you make the most of it. 

Here are some springboard ideas to start you off:

Make a list 

Make a list of all the things that are really important to you in your new home. All members of the family should do this separately. This will mean that you have a coherent idea of everybody’s needs before you start your search. 

Have some idea of which points on your list are non-negotiable and which points there might be room for compromise. Everyone is bound to have to give a little and by allowing little flexibility you might even surprise yourself with what you end up purchasing.

Book appointments with agents in advance 

You can do this by searching properties on the Kyero website then contacting the listing agents through our portal. Try to see a few different estate agents as every business operates differently and you want to ensure you are compatible. 

If you can, try not to cram too many viewings into one day. It’s good to experience everything the area has to offer, including nearby leisure and entertainment facilities. Take a notebook with you and take photos so that you can jot down your initial thoughts on each property. No matter how good your memory is, you’ll be glad to have a record to look back on later.

Tip: Agents in Spain can book up quickly. They don’t tend to work on Sundays and may have time off over the summer. 

Think through the support framework you’ll need

This might include looking for the right kind of work and considering commuter distances, enrolling your children in state or private education, and therefore taking into account either catchment areas or fees, and also any specific medical needs you might have. Some places in Spain honour the siesta. Have a think about how this will affect your daily schedule and access to services. 

Think through the effort and time you’re willing to commit to travelling

Does the area you’re looking at have an airport close by and does that airport fly to your home city? How long is the flight and how easy is the transfer? Will you need to travel to work or school or to collect groceries? Do you want to run a car or use other forms of transport?

Olle is a freelance writer who was looking for a village home to work from. He bought in Oliva because he was wanted to travel between there and Stockholm, so would only consider buying somewhere located less than an hour from an airport. 

What values do you want the property to have? 

Do you want it to have resale value? Rental value? Do you want land to develop or a renovation project? And what about values beyond the purely economic? Would you prefer a traditional Spanish aesthetic or a brand new villa with all the mod cons? A lot of houses in Spain are available to purchase off-plan; is this something you’d consider or do you want the security of seeing the bricks and mortar before you buy? 

Our podcast guest Kal bought off plan in Fuengirola, Malaga. As a property developer himself, he saw the potential in buying a sea view apartment. His reasoning was that the Spanish coast is filling up and new developments are rarer. This means that his apartment would hold its value over time. His advice to buyers is to research your off-plan developers carefully to make sure you’re happy with their customer service record.   

For more detailed information on the buying process in Spain, you can download our Buying Guide.

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