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Location spotlight: Tenerife

Location spotlight: Tenerife

Ah, Tenerife, the island of eternal spring. This tropical haven combines the magic of mountaintop villages, luxury ports and mythical Spanish towns. To the north, there’s a surprising amount of greenery for such a warm climate, and in the south, there is all the entertainment your heart could desire.

It is the largest of the Canary Islands, located off the west coast of Africa. Formed from volcanic rock, Tenerife is home to Spain’s highest peak, Mount Tied, and is home to various unique habitats that are protected in a vast national park. Tenerife has nearly a million inhabitants and many of these hail from international backgrounds. There is very little industry so the air is clean and fresh, and the year-round balmy weather makes for happy golfers.

Tourism is the main economy, thanks to the fabulous beaches. Some have fine golden sand while others have striking volcanic black sand. Many can be busy but secluded idyls also abound. There are famous nudist beaches and La Teija is particularly popular with the LGBTQ community. 

The capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a historically significant port connecting the powers of Europe, Africa and the Americas. It’s also home to one of the world’s largest carnivals – a three-week long bonanza – the aptly named Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Begin your property search in the larger towns like Playa de Los Cristianos, an old fishing village turned urban beachside resort to the south of Tenerife. It’s close to the popular tourist resort of Playa de las Americas and is a good starting point for exploration of the neighbouring islands. Or explore Adeje, which is north of Playa de las Americas and closer to the luxurious West Coast, but further inland and colonial in its architectural style. Alternatively, look further afield within the municipal area of Arona and the town of the same name.

There are two airports in Tenerife, one to the north and another to the south and together they easily manage the influx of over 5 million tourists each year.

Who lives there?

The busiest flights into Tenerife are from the UK, Germany, Belgium and Scandinavia. The average property price is €247,000 which is 5% cheaper than the Spanish national average and international buyers own a quarter of the properties.

Adeje is a particularly desirable area, especially with the Brits, Germans and Italians. The average property price here leaps to €320,000 which is 20% above the national average.

In Tenerife, you will find both modern housing developments and traditional rural homes. Those hankering for sea view should expect to part with more money. The coastal properties are a mix of luxury apartments, high-end duplexes and penthouses with private pools.

Why do they come?

Because of the international population, many businesses and services are open all day without closing for siesta and there are modern shopping centres, water parks and a melting pot of restaurants and bars. There is a strong emphasis on sport and leisure with water sport rentals, football and volleyball pitches on the beaches and excellent golfing and sailing facilities. The marine life here is as diverse as the landscape and many people enjoy whale watching, dolphin spotting or deep sea fishing excursions.

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