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Top 10 Spanish locations for expats

Top 10 Spanish locations for expats

Buying a house in Spain means the start of a new lifestyle. Whether you want a home under 30,000 euros, a sea view, private property with land, or you just want to live a life outside in the sunshine, Spain is a brilliant destination for people seeking a permanent change.

But every province has something different to offer, and these different locations are attractive to different nationalities. Using data from the Kyero website, we’ve come up with 10 of the most popular locations for expats.

1. Murcia.

Murcia has the up-and-coming feel, it’s seen significant growth in international sales and has over a quarter of the market share for new property purchases. There are more listings on the Kyero site than ever before. There is an influx of expats from all over Europe with property enquiries from Belgians, Brits, Dutch and Spanish buyers. Americans have Murcia on their radar too, so it’s a true international melting pot.

2. Almeria

Almeria has also seen growth in international property sales and has a similar market share to Murcia. Perhaps this is because these two Provinces offer some of the lowest cost of housing while still supporting value increases year on year. Almeria doesn’t register at the top for the sheer volume of property sales, but it comes up in the top ten for interest from buyers from all over the world, including Brits, Belgians, the Dutch, Spanish, Americans, Germans, Swedes and the French.

3. Valencia (region)

Valencia has long been a stronghold of the expat community in Spain, as it’s home to the Costa Blanca and Benidorm.  It’s in the top three provinces for sales enquiries with Americans, Dutch and French people, and British expats have it in their top five. Vast numbers of properties are purchased in the area and around 15% of those are international sales.

4. Alicante

Alicante remains the top of everyone’s list for property enquiries, it has the largest number of listings on the Kyero website and largest market share among all the Provinces of international sales.

5. Malaga

Malaga comes in at second favourite for nearly all countries except for the Germans who favour Mallorca by a whisper. It has a large market share but the average price of property here is higher than in the previous 4 Provinces.

6. Tenerife

Tenerife has a large market share of international sales even though it doesn’t have that many overall property sales. It seems particularly popular with German and Belgian house buyers and doesn’t register at all with Americans.

7. The Balearics

These islands have long been favoured and although market share remains high, sales are dropping off from last year. Perhaps this is because of the 12.6% price hike on Mallorca. Despite this, Mallorca is more universally desirable than Ibiza, registering in the top ten for enquiries in Germany, Britain, France, Sweden, Spain and the USA.

8. Barcelona

Although the province of Barcelona doesn’t register on any of our top ten lists, it’s worth noting that the prices are unusually high for Spain and perhaps because of this, the neighbouring province of Tarragona and Girona are registering high in international sales. In particular, the French enquire about properties in Girona, which could in part be due to the high-speed rail network that connects the two countries.

9. Las Palmas (Gran Canaria)

The loveable Canaries are popular with Swedish and German buyers, and nearly a third of sales there go to the international market. It’s worth noting that house prices are falling in Fuerteventura, so now is a great time to pick up a bargain.

10. Granada

Granada has neither a high market share nor a large number of total sales, but it does capture the interest of people enquiring through the Kyero website. America and Sweden both have Granada in their top five and the rest of Northern Europe have it in their top ten locations. Perhaps this is because the housing market remains strong with over a 5% gain in values from last year, while still offering relatively low-cost properties.  

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