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Top tips and advice for renting your dream home in Spain.

Renting in Spain

Villa, apartment, townhouse, finca, cave home or penthouse? Spain offers properties like nowhere else in the world, and renting allows you the freedom to try before you buy. 

Location location location

If you rent in an area you’re looking to eventually buy a house in, you will get a chance to know the area as well as the property type. Our podcast guest Sian thought she wanted a country house, for example, but after living in one, worked out it wasn’t for her. Renting allowed her to move on quickly and without taking a hit financially. 

This 4-bed villa Santa Ponsa has a sea view a stone’s throw from Palma, in Majorca.

For all seasons

Many people find that their restful haven becomes a nightmare during tourist season. Others can’t handle the solitude in the dead of winter. Find out if there’s parking issues, traffic jams or late-night noise, isolation, lack of services or issues with energy supplies in the various seasons of the year. 

Try on this poolside villa in Sotogrande for size, literally a few metres from the golf course.

Needs vs wants

Renting gives you a chance to figure out what you want and need nearby. Travelling distance from schools, work or leisure activities can impact on your life in a huge way. Renting allows you to shuffle about a bit and see what your priorities are.   

Take a look at this Majorcan sandstone country Finca if you like sophisticated seclusion. 

It takes a village

Does Spain deliver on the romantic idea you had? Did you want to convert totally to Spanish culture or did you fancy meeting more like-minded people? Did you think you would play more tennis, eat more squid, or find love? Renting gives you an opportunity to try Spain on for size, and figure out what kind of community and activities you want to enjoy. 

This whitewashed seaside home is the perfect place to rest your sandy feet.

Making contacts

Buying a house, setting up a mortgage and getting a permanent job takes time and money. If you want to establish relationships and get grounded in the basics before you leap in with both feet, renting can offer you a lifeline. It’ll give you the gestation period you need to reach out to the people who can help you change your life for the better. 

Live the good life, with this farmhouse, complete with a grow your own veg patch.

The basics of renting a home in Spain

A standard long-term let agreement in Spain is one year and the rent is usually due as a monthly payment. You have the right to stay there and renew annually for three years unless the landlord gives you two months notice. 

Properties can be either furnished or unfurnished. If it’s the latter, be prepared to supply everything including white goods, even kitchen appliances.

A tenancy agreement can be verbal or written. It’s best to have everything in writing to protect your interests. You may be liable to pay for the duration of the contract, even if you leave the property beforehand. If you fail to pay your rent on time by the seventh day of the month, the landlord can claim that money in legal proceedings against you.

It’s your responsibility to let the landlord know about any structural issues, repairs or maintenance needed in the property. If the landlord makes home improvements (not repairs) they are legally allowed to increase the rent during your tenancy by anything up to 20%. 

Try out this Costa Blanca villa, with amazing sea and mountain views.

What you’ll need

You’ll need evidence of employment or ability to pay rent, your NIE number, passport and at least two references. 

You need a month’s deposit for the tenancy agreement and an agreed fee for the agent. Estate agents fees can be between around €250 and up to a month’s rent.

Make sure to agree an itinerary with an agent present to protect your security deposit. 

And then all you need is a suitcase…

This 3-bed country house is on the doorstep of the quiet, traditional town of Sant Llorenç des Cardassar.

But whatever lifestyle you’re looking for, do check out our selection of properties to rent on Kyero. We’ve got over 4,750 to choose from, so one of them is sure to fit the bill while you search for your dream home in the sun!

Did you rent before you bought in Spain? Have you bought a property to rent out in Spain? If you’ve got a rental story to tell we’d love to hear it – either as a guest blog or via our podcast series if you’d be willing to share it?

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