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What properties and areas are most popular in Spain right now?

Bolnuevo beach in Mazarron Murcia

They say home is where the heart is, and finding a perfect property can be a little like falling in love. But, unlike dating, you don’t have the time or money to kiss a few frogs before finding ‘the one’. You’ll save yourself heartbreak and hassle if you get it right first time, and there are so many factors at play.

Obviously, there’s your motive for the move – whether it’s to ease yourself into a retirement in the sunshine, to help your family flourish or take an adventurous leap into a new career. But there are market factors like budgets, communities, amenities, size and potential rentals and resales to consider too. Luckily, Kyero understands the housing market in Spain and can help you hone your house-hunting skills, allowing you to keep your head and fulfil your heart’s desires.    

Who is buying Spanish properties?

Given that Kyero is an English language website, it’s perhaps unsurprising that far and away the largest group of overseas buyers hitting the search function are Brits. However they still only represent just under a quarter of all sales enquiries. Following in their wake are the northern European cluster of Holland, France, Belgium, Germany and Sweden. If you want to live in this multinational milieu then head to the southern coastal areas. If you’re looking for a more traditionally Spanish vibe, then head towards the Atlantic coast or go inland.

Looking for a chic city apartment, an all mod-cons villa, or a ramshackle country house to renovate? 

If you’re imagining a bright and airy apartment close to the city and the sea, then you’re not alone. Nearly half of all international buyers are looking for apartments in mainland Spain, especially around coastal communities and big cities.

New build villas are a popular choice in Spain as they’re modern in style, suited to the weather, filled with up-to-date specifications and usually large enough for a family. 30% of people searching Kyero are looking for villas. You can snap up a bargain if you’re willing to buy a preowned (resale) villa, because Kyero’s data shows that new builds tend to drive prices skywards. 

If the appeal of ‘the good life’ gives you an appetite for land, then you need to head to Spain’s interior. Savvy buyers are looking for country houses and renovation projects in the mid-southern states of Almeria and Granada.

Kyero’s data shows that most buyers are looking to spend between between 50,000 and 250,000 euros. Properties towards the lower end of the budget – let’s say €50,000 to €100,000 – are in more demand than ever, and searches in this range have increased compared to last year. If you’re hungry for more detailed market information, then take a look at the House Prices section of the Kyero property guides

What areas are popular among expats right now? 

Use Kyero’s handy interactive map to find out where people are buying properties at the moment. You’ll soon notice that the ever-popular province of Alicante rules the roost when it comes to sales, with almost half of all expats buying a property in this region. Hot on its heels are the provinces of Malaga, Girona and Murcia. All of them are easy to reach, near the coast, have great weather and a ready-made global community to make you feel welcome. But if you’re looking to escape the tourist traps, then Cordoba and Jaen are green and pleasant provinces filled with mountains, farmlands and historic cities. 

Listening to other people’s personal experiences can give you a real feel for the area, the people who live there and what the process of buying a home in Spain was like. Check out one of our podcast interviews with people just like you who’ve been there and done it and now own their dream house abroad. And there’s plenty of other helpful practical advice from our team of experts at Kyero in the Resources and Advice pages.

Interest in mainland Spain has really blossomed. In the past, expat buyers tended to favour the islands but more recently it appears that the higher asking prices are putting people off. If your heart is still set on moving to one of the island regions, you will need to be willing to part with upwards of €250,000.

The Kyero top five ‘most searched for’ regions are:

Camposol in Murcia.

Camposol was founded in 1999 and built around a golf course. This, and its proximity to the beach and many convenient amenities means it attracts a lot of international buyers. 

Chiclana de la Frontera in Cadiz

Many of the tourists in Spain haven’t quite made it around the Gibraltar peninsular, meaning the communities here are still resolutely Spanish, properties prices aren’t skewed by summer let landlords and the beaches are clean and clear. 

Torrevieja in Alicante

This pretty seaside community has the advantage of modern amenities, an international population and beautiful nature spots. Properties remain affordable and the beaches of the Costa Blanca are on your doorstep.  

Alicante city

Alicante has it all. Regular flights and good public transport links, cultural draws, great job opportunities and excellent schools. But of course, it’s also near all the wonderful beaches on the Costa Blanca, some of the best golf courses in the world and to top it off, it’s far less expensive than Barcelona.

Mazarron in Murcia

Mazarron has both a town and an adjoining fishing village. It’s warm year-round and has some of the cleanest beaches in Spain (according to the World Health Organisation). It has a sizeable international population who live in either pretty apartment blocks or sprawling villas. 

These five areas are popular amongst our buyers because they offer the perfect combination of mediterranean climate, international community and plenty of choice of affordable properties. 

But if it’s city-living you’re looking for, outlying towns such as Sitges, on the fringes of Barcelona, offer an affordable alternative to city-centre apartments that tend to be more expensive and much smaller.

Ready to start your search?

So if you feel like you’re ready to dive into your property search now, then head to the Kyero property listings. If you’d like to know more about the property buying process, then download our Buyer’s Guide ebook, work out your budget on our affordability calculator and get to know some of these regions better using our location guides.

Are you thinking about moving, or have you already moved, to Spain? Would you be willing to share your story with us, either as a guest blog or via our podcast series?  Please do get in touch if so, we’d love to hear from you.

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