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What we learned on our research trip

What we learned on our research trip

At Kyero we are very fortunate to have many of the people who’ve recently bought a home in Spain share their experiences in our podcast series. We always ask them what worked for them and what didn’t, and if they would change anything if they did it all over again.

Research came up in several podcast episodes as a vital part of the process. Many people also mention their viewing experience and how it helped inform their eventual property purchase. 

Lindsey, in episode 42, found and bought a villa in Mil Palmeras after driving past the property on the way to the beach one day. However, it wasn’t just a whim, she already had a property in Spain and her partner David knew the area well. Lindsey talked about how important it is to sit down with a Spanish solicitor face-to-face. This reminded her of the additional costs and taxes she’d have to budget for when looking at potential properties. 

“…it’s really worthwhile sitting down with a solicitor and getting a quote to get an idea of all the additional costs there are as part of the selling fee. I think that’s the one thing that I recommend people to do.”

Dominic and Tracy, who purchased a property in Mar de Cristal, rented in both Los Alcapones and Los Urrutias before they even began looking at properties to buy. They started by using the Kyero location guides, then once they had agreed a list of criteria, they found an agent who helped them find the perfect property quickly and efficiently. 

Interviewer — “If someone was in your position, where you were a few years ago, just thinking about taking the plunge, what advice would you give to them?”

Dominic — “Rent first, always rent first in the area where you want to buy.”

Sian talks about the value of trying out different property types too. After her parents persuaded their family to move to Almuñecar, Sian was convinced they’d buy a rural villa. But after renting both a traditional townhouse and a modern villa they changed their minds. After three years of searching on the internet as well as living in the area, they’ve found out what was truly important to them as a family. 

“I’d got different stories from different people, and obviously living here for eleven years you do see some people come and go. I’ve seen people come out and on a whim buy a country house. They slowly do it up and then they move out here and they say, “No, this kind of living isn’t for me,” and they buy a flat in town.”

Jonathan, who purchased an apartment in Oliva, had some very specific requirements: high-speed internet was a non-negotiable, because he works remotely. Another must-have was easy travel to the Balearics. Jonathan researched online extensively but he made his viewing trip much shorter — just five days. However, he admits he was surprised to find that wasn’t enough. But after getting to know both an agent and an area he liked, he went away to research again. He came back a year later with an even more specific brief and found the perfect apartment very quickly. 

Meeting people in person and knowing how the purchasing system works will give you many advantages. Getting to know the area you’re considering well by either visiting or renting nearby is also advisable and if you can’t take an extended trip, try to be as specific as possible. Finally, comparing the various styles of homes – from apartments to villas – within your budget will help you and your family identify the type of property that will mean you will settle quickly and smoothly into your new Spanish life.

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