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Where to buy in Spain: 12 upcoming areas that you need to know about

Where to buy in Spain: 12 upcoming areas that you need to know about

The property market in Spain is getting stronger year on year. The big four regions, Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante and Malaga, while grossing the largest number of property sales, seem to be levelling out in comparison to last year. Instead, the growth can be seen in the underdog provinces of Murcia, Girona and Almeria.

The city of Valencia is in steady growth and Seville is smashing last year’s property sales with quarterly purchases up by nearly 30%.  While the city of Madrid levels off, possibly because the strong economy has priced people out, it has provided jobs, creating a gravitational pull to the smaller, more affordable municipalities surrounding it.

1. Ceuta

This is a growing town on the edge of Morocco, and one of the nine territories of Spain along the African coastline. In 2018 it had just 85,144 people living there and although actual transactions remain in the low hundreds, it has seen exponential growth in property sales since last year.  

2. Badajoz

Right on the border, this region acts as an economic and commercial bridge between Spain and Portugal. Meanwhile, the capital is home to 4 actual bridges spanning the Guadiana river. It’s 3 hours from Madrid and 2 hours each from Seville and Lisbon.

3. Guadalajara

Guadalajara is nearly 60% up in sales at the beginning of this year from last, so it looks set to keep a steady growth curve.  It’s less than an hour’s drive to Madrid and has frequent, reliable public transport there and back.

4. Teruel

As we said in our buying guide blog post, Teruel is both cheap and popular with international buyers (with 19% growth in international sales in 2018). This accounts for nearly half the growth in the region overall in the last year. There is plenty of land here ripe for development.

5.  Avila

Avila sits on a flat plateau in the Sierra Gredos Mountains equidistant from the cities of Madrid and Salamanca. The capital of Avila, of the same name, was described by Spanish writer José Martínez Ruiz as “perhaps the most 16th-century town in Spain.”

6. Ciudad Real

Another satellite province of Madrid. Although it is a further distance away than either Avila or Guadalajara, Ciudad Real has a quick and direct train route to Madrid’s Puerta de Atocha railway station. A city of opulent plazas and excellent wine, Ciudad Real appears landlocked but is actually only 3 hours from the Granada coast.

7.  Huelva

This province is the furthest West in Andalusia and is famed as the port from which Christopher Columbus set out on his discovery voyage to America. The capital is set on the River Odiel and is around 1 hour’s  drive from both Seville and Faro in Portugal. It has some amazing beaches and Matalascanas is especially popular with tourists.

8. La Coruna

This is another seaside province but is located on the Northern tip of Spain facing out to the Atlantic. The city combines a large commercial port and an Old Town jutting out on a peninsula. It’s situated on the Costa da Morte — the coast of death — named for the sailors and pirates who once shipwrecked on its rugged shores.

9. Segovia

Another spot conveniently located for the Madrid overspill, Segovia is home to several noble families and an impressive Roman aqueduct arches over the entrance to the city. The countryside is dominated by a lush national park and the country properties are very reasonably priced.

10.  La Rioja

This is the famous wine country located between the Pyrenees, Zaragoza and Bilbao.  The countryside is dedicated to agriculture, but the capital Logrono is rich with heritage and culture. Property here is ripe for renovation or development, and sales are on an upward curve.

11. Seville

Seville is the up and coming major city to look out for. With access to stunning natural surroundings, a nearby coastline, a busy and successful commercial city centre and world famous heritage and modern architecture, plus a sunny disposition, it is a great place to purchase a new Spanish property.

12. Murcia

Murcia has grown by over a quarter from last year’s sales. The coastal region has a huge amount to offer and is therefore increasingly popular with international buyers. Expat communities have grown up around Torrevieja, Villamartin and San Pedro Del Pinatar because of the excellent golf facilities, the Mar Menor bay and the salt water lakes with their associated health benefits.

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