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Why relocating to Spain was the best thing we ever did

Why relocating to Spain was the best thing we ever did

Don’t just take it from us, our podcast guests have been through the buying process and come out the other side. We asked them what they loved about their new lives in Spain and here are some of their answers.

The Spanish Sunshine

Ray, originally from Sweden, bought a home in Villaricos, Almeria as an escape from the long dark Northern winters. He found it wasn’t just the warm weather that helped shake off the winter blues but the joy he found in the clear, bright quality of the light. He told us that even in the airport he was struck by how beautiful everything looked bathed in the Spanish sunshine.

The heritage

Tania was beguiled by Spanish history. In her podcast interview, she mentions that Australia, her home country, is comparatively much newer than the centuries of heritage that informs the culture and lifestyle in Spain. She found it intoxicating. 

The outdoor lifestyle

Sian moved to Spain with a young family and says she feels grateful for the outdoor lifestyle she and her children and enjoy. She loves how people go to the beach after work and stay there late, how her kids spend all day playing outside in their pool and even how she can just sit outside with a glass of wine and enjoy looking out at the beautiful landscape. 

The laidback Spanish lifestyle

Eric who bought a property in Oliva, loves the laid-back Spanish lifestyle. He says since moving he’s felt he is working to live and not living to work and this has made him a lot happier.  Elena also works out in Spain and has grown her online business successfully with relatively low overheads. She loves the balance of working hard with a stress-free lifestyle filled with yoga and walking. 

Spanish friends, food and fiestas.

Phil & Maxine who retired to a home with a pool in Vilamarxant, are enjoying learning the Spanish language and immersing themselves in a life filled with new Spanish friends, food and fiestas.

A daring adventure

When Lindsay’s son first suggested emigrating to Murcia it ignited a new passion for a daring adventure. She feels the whole family have relished leaping into the unknown, and her son is being coached in a sport he loves in unsurpassed facilities. 

Health improvement

Denise originally moved to Spain from Turkey to be closer to her children, but what she didn’t expect was for her health to improve significantly. In three years since moving to Entre Naranjos, Alicante, she hasn’t had an asthma attack and she attributes this improvement in health to her new environment.If you’d like to hear from more of our guests about their new lives in the sun, then have a listen to our Spanish Property Podcast series.

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