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Why you shouldn’t give up your dream of buying in Spain and what you can still do right now


If moving to Spain was one of your 2020 goals then it’s completely understandable that you might be having second thoughts at the moment.  There’s no getting away from all worry and uncertainty over COVID-19 just now, and who knows how long this situation will continue. 

BUT… wherever in the world you’re based, while you can’t travel to Spain at the moment, there are still plenty of things you can do to make finding your dream home in the sun a future reality. 

A guide to moving to Spain

Before you start looking at properties, it’s helpful to have a step-by-step list of what’s involved.  When you download our free Buyers guide, you’ll find a wealth of detail covering everything you need to know about a successful property purchase and move to Spain.  We share the buying process, healthcare in Spain, finance & mortgages, buying a holiday home, retiring in Spain, schools in Spain, legal considerations, and building a home.

Take time to decide what you really want

It may sound obvious but before you start searching for your dream home in Spain you need to be clear about what you want.  What elements are non-negotiable (e.g. a dedicated parking space or being within walking distance to local amenities) and what are ‘nice-to-haves’ (e.g. a private pool or granny annexe).  It’s a good idea to sit down with whoever you’re buying with and agreeing on a list of wants, needs, nice-to-haves and non-negotiables, as well as working out your budget using our budget calculator.

Where do you really want to live?

Once you’ve worked out what type of property you want, and your budget, it’s time to research which locations in Spain are a perfect match with our comprehensive location guides.  Whether you want to be by the sea or in the mountains, in the heart of an international city or a traditional village, our location guides offer a taste of the right place for you.

Start looking for your dream property

This is the exciting bit!  Firstly, make sure you sign up for a Kyero account so you don’t miss out on any new Spanish properties.  Once you’re signed up, you can use Create alerts for the regions in Spain you are interested in.  Then you can relax, sit back, and let us email you when new properties matching your criteria are listed.  While you’re waiting, here are some other things you can do to get ready for your move to the sun… 

Learn from other buyers’ experiences

Kyero’s Spanish Property Podcast series is a treasure trove of positive people with great stories to share!  You can listen to their first hand experiences of how they purchased their sunshine homes, what they found helpful, and most importantly, what they’d do differently the next time.  Because there’s nothing like learning from the horse’s mouth, is there?

Find the right agent

So many of Kyero’s podcast guests talk about how imperative it is to find a great estate agent that you can trust.  Usually, the online reviews you read are from the moaners, you don’t hear enough about the success stories. John, who bought in Barcelona, says you need to meet someone who will ask you questions and get you to see beyond your own limited knowledge of the property market.

Peter who purchased in Villamartin, agrees that getting an agent who helps you to adapt your outlook will ensure you buy the property you really want.  To help you choose your trusted agent, Kyero has recently launched a new Agent Directory, where you can find an estate agent who not only operates in your chosen area but also speaks your language.

Get started on the legals

You might not be able to book a viewing trip right now but there’s no time like the present to get your legal ducks in a row.  Without an NIE number, Spanish bank account or independent solicitor (Abogado) you won’t be able to complete a property sale in Spain.   An NIE is an all-purpose identification and tax number given to any non-native who wants to go through an official process in Spain.  The application can take a while, so the sooner you start this process the better. A solicitor who isn’t affiliated with a property firm or money lender is vital.  Plus, if they’re bilingual you’ll save on translation fees.

Plan a research and viewing trip

Once you’ve whittled down your property choices to a few sensible prospects, we’d normally recommend getting on a plane and going to see them.  And also getting to know the area you’re considering moving to by either visiting or even renting nearby. Learning some conversational Spanish could help you ask relevant questions and it’s worth visiting the community buildings you’ll regularly use like schools, retirement centres or healthcare facilities. 

So, although your plans for visiting Spain in person will have been put on hold for now, it’s still an ideal time to start thinking about your viewing trip.

What else can you do right now?

Don’t put your dreams on hold – let Kyero’s expertise and resources help you start mapping out your journey to enjoying your new life in the Spanish sunshine! 

Are you thinking about moving, or have you already moved, to Spain? Would you be willing to share your story with us, either as a guest blog or via our podcast series?  Please do get in touch if so, we’d love to hear from you.

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