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Town in Tenerife

A few kilometres north of Playa de las Americas on the south west of the island is the historic town of Adeje, close to some of Tenerife’s most stunning scenery.

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60 second guide to Adeje

Why move to Adeje

Outstanding natural beauty, a laid-back way of life and proximity to the upscale west coast, make Adeje a natural base from which to explore Tenerife.

Perfectly situated whatever aspect of Tenerife’s varied life you want to explore. An inland town surrounded by upscale resorts and the ever popular Playa de las Americas to the south, Adeje offers a bonanza of eating and drinking, rounds of golf and endless nights of entertainment.

You will experience the very best of the island’s varied landscape, right on your doorstep. 12,200-foot Mount Teide towers over the town, with Barranco del Infierno (Hell’s Ravine) providing a walking trail through a gorge rich in flora and fauna leading to the tallest waterfall on the island.

Within easy reach of 14 beaches of different colour sand, Adeje’s nearby coast is perfect for spotting sea life, including dolphins and one of the world’s most important colonies of pilot whales. Watch them from boats or take a dive and get to know 500 more species living under the waves.

This historic town dates back to the original Spanish colonisation of the island and is bursting with history and colonial style architecture, which sit alongside striking straight lines of modernist buildings like the Sacred Museum in the town’s Plaza España square.

As the region’s administrative centre, Adeje serves the region’s permanent population of 47,000 people. Among them you will receive a warm welcome from the 50/50 split of Spanish nationals and expats who all access amenities in town. You’ll find banks, shops, a catholic church, the town hall, a sports centre and a large golf club to the west.


Away from the villas and holiday properties along the coast, Adeje town offers you something different; from historic colonial style town houses to modern apartments of varying sizes.


Wherever you need to go you can get to easily from Adeje. Situated on the western end of the TF-1 motorway that stretches all the way round to Santa Cruz in the north. It is a 20 kilometres drive to Tenerife South airport and 2km to the ferry at Puerto de los Cristianos. Alternatively hail a white taxi or catch one of the green buses, or ‘guaguas’ that serve every corner of the island and offer reliable service and good value, particularly for pass holders.


The south of the island is mainly dominated by the tourism industry, and you’ll find the most available work in hotels, holiday resorts or the restaurant trade to which many people in Adeje commute.


The town has excellent public healthcare centre and a dental practice, along with a number of private hospitals including Hospital Quirón in town, and Hospiten Sur in nearby Playa de Las Americas.


There are a variety of private and public Spanish speaking schools in Adeje. If you want to follow the English curriculum then the nearest option is the well-respected Wingate School, a fifteen minute drive away in Cabo Blanco.

Living expenses

Adeje offers a generally cheaper alternative to living in the expensive resorts on the surrounding coast, with many people who work in the area choosing the town as their base.

Map of Adeje

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