Episode 08: Daniel who purchased in Playa Flamenca, Alicante

26th February 2018
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Beth Davison

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Playa Flamenca, Alicante

Episode 08: Daniel who purchased in Playa Flamenca, Alicante

You’ll love hearing about how quick and easy it was for Daniel to purchase his three-bedroom duplex vacation home in Playa Flamenca, Alicante. His agent scheduled numerous viewings, but Daniel was happy with the very first property he visited and bought it on the spot.

Show Notes:

  • Why Daniel decided to purchase in Spain [1:08]
  • On Daniel’s property search process [1:35]
  • About Daniel’s experience with his property agent [2:31]
  • About Daniel’s budget [2:51]
  • How easy the buying process was for Daniel [3:25]
  • How Daniel and his family like to use the property [4:03]
  • How cultural factors impacted the buying process [4:50]
  • What Daniel found the most challenging about the process [5:17]
  • Daniel’s advice for family and friends thinking about buying in Spain [5:32]
  • A typical day for Daniel and family in Spain [5:53]


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Welcome to the Kyero.com Spanish Property podcast where we interview real people who recently purchased a home in Spain.

They tell us what worked, what didn’t and what they’d do differently next time.

I’m Beth Davison and today I’m speaking with Daniel, originally from Minster on Sea, in Kent, he purchased a three bedroom Duplex in Playa Flamenca, Alicante.

Just wait until you hear about how straight forward his whole process was and how he boldly bought the first property he viewed

Daniel worked with estate agent InterProperty Sales and Lettings to find his dream home in Spain.  

Check out the show notes at kyero.com/podcast to find links and resources mentioned in this episode

Body of Transcription

Beth: Well, if we get started, you can just let me know what you do for a living and the kind of property you bought.

Daniel: I’m a company director for a civil engineering company, and we bought a three bedroom penthouse duplex.

Beth: Fantastic, and where about was that?

Daniel: In Playa Flamenca.

Beth: Awesome, so talk me through the choices, when it all first started, why did you first decide to buy in Spain?

Daniel: We’ve got friends over there who’ve got a property out in the same complex as we purchased. Obviously, we visited them a couple of times and loved the place, so.

Beth: Great, so how did it all start? Whose was the first idea? Who said let’s do this?

Daniel: Mine.

Beth: And who was that to, so was that your partner?

Daniel: Yeah, the wife, yeah.

Beth: Lovely, alright, and so how many properties did you view? How did you first start that process?

Daniel: How many properties did we view? One…

Beth: Really, wow, and you just knew it was the right one?

Daniel: Yeah, online we were viewing loads; just viewing, viewing, viewing, and then came across that one and when we viewed it and said, “That’s the one for us – that’s it.”

Beth: How similar is it to your friend’s place?

Daniel: They’ve got a one bedroom penthouse apartment, obviously, we’ve got the duplex and that’s over two floors.

Beth: OK.

Daniel: So, ours is just bigger, I suppose.

Beth: Yeah, I wondered if that made it easier to not go on too many viewings because it was similar.

Daniel: Yeah, because we holidayed there about three times, so, we already knew the complex; we knew it was safe; we knew the area; we knew what was around… So, yeah, pretty much we knew we wanted to be on that complex. That was it.

Beth: Great. And how did it work with the agent? What was your agent like?

Daniel: Nigel was, he was superb from start to finish he, literally, did everything. He was great.

Beth: Which probably also made it easier to not have to view things.

Daniel: Well, yeah, I mean you don’t know who to trust, really, because you hear so many horror stories, but he was great. He was really good.

Beth: Did you know what sort of budget you were thinking about using?

Daniel: Roughly, yeah, we knew around about €100,000.

Beth: And then Nigel was able to show you things around that mark? Did he show you anything more expensive or less expensive?

Daniel: Yeah, he had a list of properties to show us, actually, that day, but we viewed that one and just said, “This is the one. So, don’t worry about the others. We’ll put an offer in now.”

Beth: Fantastic, I love it. That’s brave! Did that feel brave at the time to just go with your gut, go with the first one?

Daniel: Yeah, it felt alright, it was all good, it was good.

Beth: Perfect. So, I think I know the answer, but how easy or difficult did you find that whole process?

Daniel: Very easy.

Beth: Was it different to what you expected going in?

Daniel: I didn’t know what to expect, to be fair. It’s the first time I bought a property, obviously. I didn’t know what to expect or what we had to do. Nigel just did it. He was was me. He did some bits on his own that he could take away from us. It was just smooth. Within six weeks it was ours.

Beth: Wow, then how long before you were moving in and doing it up and whatever?

Daniel: We only use it as a holiday home, so it went through in six weeks; within six weeks, then we flew out for the kid’s holiday and stayed there six weeks.

Beth: Great stuff. So does that tend to be what you do? Do you match up with the kid’s holidays in this country, and go for longer stints like six weeks, how does it normally work for you?

Daniel: So, next summer the wife will be out there for six weeks with the kids then I’ll just go to and fro. So, basically it’s a summer home.

Beth: That’s so nice, but it’s nice that you don’t just use it for one or two week holidays, you guys tend to go for longer amounts of time.

Daniel: Yeah, that’s it, yeah, that’s right, yeah.

Beth: What’s it like for a family, is it a good complex for that? Are there other kids there?

Daniel: It’s superb, it’s superb.

Beth: So the kids are going to make friends, right, and then be able to revisit them every holiday?

Daniel: Yeah, they’re seven and five so they’re obviously young, but over time I’m sure. They’ll make some friends this year and be back next year, obviously, that’s relationships and people, you know.

Beth: Yeah, totally. So, how did you find the whole process of buying with the language barriers and different legal systems and things like that?

Daniel: The estate agent, he was brilliant, spoke perfect English. Everything was done through email, just clicked into place and it was done. It was perfect. It couldn’t have gone any better.

Beth: Wow, fantastic. So, I was going to ask you which bit you found the most challenging, but were there no challenges?

Daniel: No, there weren’t any challenges at all. Nigel picked up us from the airport and took us back and gave us the keys. That was good, no hiccups at all, nothing.

Beth: Incredible. So, if you were going to give some advice to family or friends doing what you’ve just done what advice would you give them?

Daniel: See Nigel. It’s that easy.

Beth: Great, OK fine, that’s brilliant. Well, it’s good to hear that you had such a great experience.

What’s your favourite part about owning a property in Spain?

Daniel: The weather and golf.

Beth: So, what kind of stuff do you do out there? What does a typical day look like for you?

Daniel: Golf.

Beth: All day?

Daniel: Beach, swimming pool, golf, swimming pool, we’ve got loads to do, going down to the Boulevard restaurants. There are plenty of nice restaurants.

Beth: Yeah, lovely, so drinking, eating - all the Spanish things that you would expect.

Daniel: Yeah, it’s great. It’s all good.

Beth: Do you feel like there’s a lot of Spanish culture where you are? Or is it more touristy and holiday? How does it feel when you’re there?

Daniel: It’s quite nice, really, slightly leaning towards more English, but there’s still some Spanish… A lot of Spanish, actually, around in the houses and within the complex there’s some Spanish. It’s just quite nice, honestly, because that’s why you go to Spain – for the different culture.

Beth: Yeah, totally.

Daniel: Yeah, it’s a nice mix, there’s a nice mix. It’s just a lovely atmosphere out there.

Beth: Fantastic, and do you have many people to visit from the UK? Do you bring family over there or anything?

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, we’ve had friends over. We’ve had loads of friends come over throughout the six weeks.

Beth: That’s nice. I bet they love it.

Daniel: I do, yeah, it’s great.

Beth: And your friends who live in the same complex? Are they still there?

Daniel: Yes.

Beth: Oh great, so there can be a whole crowd of you that go out.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, like last time there were a few of us. So, it’s all good, it’s all good.

Beth: Fantastic, alright Daniel, well thank you very much for chatting with me.

Daniel: Thank you very much.

Beth: Cheers Daniel, bye.

Daniel: Cheers, bye bye.


Thank you for listening and thanks to Daniel for sharing their experiences and InterProperty Sales and Lettings for their help to make this episode possible

I particularly liked how Daniel was inspired by his friends and ended up buying a place on the very same complex, also, how confident he must have been to have bought the very first place he was shown.

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Tune in next week when I speak with Denise from Tyne and Wear, about her purchase with husband Eddie

They purchased a three bedroom quad in Entre Naranjos and wait until you hear about how much living in Spain has helped with Sally’s asthma, and also how actually lowering their budget helped them find what they wanted.

I’m Beth Davison and you’ve been listening to the Kyero.com Spanish property podcast. I’ll see you next week!


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