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Episode 43: Jack who purchased in Altea

Episode 43: Jack who purchased in Altea
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This week, Jack joins the show to share how he found his dream home in Altea with sea views after searching properties in Spain for over two years. After a very smooth buying process, tune in to hear his advice on research, overcoming language barriers and sticking with the budget.

Show Notes:

  • [1:54] Why he decided to buy in Spain
  • [2:25] Finding the right agent
  • [4:03] Seeing over twenty properties over the past two years
  • [7:33] How the legal processes differed to buying in Holland
  • [10:20] What he loves about the Altea area
  • [12:46] What Jack would do differently if he bought again


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Welcome to the Spanish property podcast where we interview people who recently purchased their dream home in Spain.

They tell us what worked, what didn’t and what they’d do differently next time.

I’m Beth Davison and today I’m speaking with Jack originally from Holland.

He purchased her dream home Altea on the Costa Blanca.

Living just two and a half hours from what he calls his second home Jack gives a unique perspective on how different the buying process is in Spain compared with other countries in Europe.

He worked with the estate agent Skyline Costa Blanca to find his dream home in Spain.  

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Jack:  I am Jack. We bought a house in Altea. It's a big house, three bedrooms, apartments, four bathrooms, a nice big plot, on the hills. We have a sea view. We were looking at buying a house for two years and started in the area of Malaga and we ended in Altea and that was the place where we wanted to buy a house. So, we were looking very, very often, maybe daily on Kyero, on the Kyero site, looking for the house we wanted to buy.

So, we found this house and I had made contact with Skyline Real Estate Agency. I told her, please, this is what we are looking for. Can you arrange an appointment for me so that we can discuss about buying that house? So we did.

Beth:  Wow, it sounds so straight forward.

Jack:  (laughter)

Beth:  Why did you decide that you wanted to buy in Spain?

Jack:  Well, my whole life, from when I was child, I loved Spain. That's one thing, the other thing is I have my company in Amsterdam and within two and a half hours I can go to my second home and the weather is perfect.

Beth:  Oh nice.

Jack:  it's perfect. Yeah, we love Spain and it's close by for us.

Beth:  Amazing, so you start looking online, through Kyero, what are the next steps? You mentioned getting in touch with the agent, did you find that easy?

Jack:  Yeah, yeah, of course there are a lot of agencies for real estate in Spain but yeah, my Spanish is not that good so I need somebody who can help me with the language. So, that was one of the points that I needed for real estate. It was different then we are used to here in Holland. So, it's a different kind of buying a house. It's not that easy. There's a lot of work to do in a strange country so you need help.

Beth:  Yeah, definitely.

Jack:  All I can say to everybody from abroad take somebody, in the country, that you trust, for helping to buy that house.

Beth:  Do you feel like you had a good relationship with your agent?

Jack:  It's always difficult, but no, it was great. I trust her and I hope she will do the right job, and she did. But then you are looking backwards, you never know.

Beth:  True, but you found your dream home, so that's a good sign.

Jack:  Yeah, we have a very, very, very nice house.

Beth:  So what was the process after you saw it online? How many viewings did you go on? How many other properties did you see?

Jack:  I think, in the last two years, I have seen twenty, twenty-five houses.

Beth:  Wow, and you were going to Spain each time, or you put it all in a two week block and just went out for one trip? How did it work?

Jack:  No, I did, I go often to Spain to look at two or three houses and then we fly back until we find the house where we are thinking about this is it, this is where we can live?

Beth:  Did you know immediately, when you walked in, you were like, "This is the one."

Jack:  The last one that we would buy, we really said, "This is it, this is the one we want to have," yeah. Also, not only the house but also the price and location. The price, because what you get is not too much work to do on the house. It was already renovated. So, life was good. It was good, yeah.

Beth:  What was value for money like in comparison to your home and what you were expecting. Do you feel you got a lot for your money? Or did you feel that you had to change your attitude towards your budget?

Jack:  Yeah, you always  have to do something on the house because I'm not that young. But most of the people are, "Oh we will live there," for a second house. So, we have things to do, there's work to do on the house but not immediately. I want to rent it, I will rent for a year or two years. I also am going to change it in the way we want to have it. We make it modern.

Beth:  Yeah, OK, cool. So it's liveable right now and then you get to do it up. That's really nice, that's a nice way to do it. Did you stick to your budget?

Jack:  Yes, yes we did. It was OK.

Beth:  Because lots of people end up having to adjust or change how much they want to spend or they end up overspending, but you feel like everything went smoothly with you?

Jack:  It was OK. It is difficult for me to explain in English but the owner died and the children wanted to see money.

Beth:  So it worked out well for you, not great for everyone, but it worked out well for you.

Jack:  It was good, yeah.

Beth:  Fair enough. Sometimes it does feel a little bit fated in that the right property happens and everything works out. It sounds like it was pretty smooth sailing for you guys.

Jack:  Yeah, yeah.

Beth:  You've done well. You've started on a high.

Jack:  In Holland I'm used to buying a house, something like that, not in Spain. Yeah, it's gone well, yeah.

Beth:  Were there any different laws or the legal process  in Spain, was it different to Holland, was it different from what you were expecting? Did you have to learn anything?

Jack:  No, no, it's completely different. That's one of the reason I'm glad I have my own agency because it's so different. You understand notaries, notary?

Beth:  Yeah.

Jack:  In Holland you are thirty minutes inside, you sign, and you have a house. With this house I was  two and a half hours in the notary and they write checks for the payment completely different then we here in Holland - really completely different. So, you need help. That's the only thing I can say.

Beth:  You need help and you need trust. I think it was good you trusted your agent.

Jack:  Trust, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Beth:  When it got to the point of purchasing how easy was it for you? Did you have a solicitor? Was there anyone else helping you other than your agent?

Jack:  Yeah, two of my nieces. They have lived their whole life in that area. They are from Holland but they are from there tenth birthday living in Spain, so they are Spanish women now. They helped me with everything also. One of them is at an insurance company in Spain, and the other one is working for a bank in Spain, so they can help me with everything. That's what happens.

Beth:  They must be very pleased now that you get to go and visit more often.

Jack:  Yeah, they're glad we came to Spain.

Beth:  Lovely, do you use it as a holiday home or are you there as much as you are in Holland? How does it work?

Jack:  We are there once every six weeks going to the house. Now, I'm 59 [years old], but next year, two years I will be more often, and more often going to Spain and taking longer there. But, I'm not going to be a resident. I will stay resident in Holland.

Beth:  OK, that's exactly what I was going to ask, that you'd move permanently but you want to keep it half and half.

Jack:  I also keep a house here in Amsterdam.

Beth:  Oh, what a dream life, two great places.

Jack:  Yeah.

Beth:  What's your favourite thing about the area that you bought in?

Jack:  The climate, the food, the people, yeah. It's quiet there where we bought.

Beth:  Amazing, and have you found the language barrier a problem at all?

Jack:  No, no, I know a lot of Spanish words but I can't talk with Spanish people so I'm going to learn it. I'm going to learn Spanish. For me it's important to communicate with Spanish people.

Beth:  Yeah, fantastic, you can make time.

Jack:  Yeah, I'll make time for it. So, I don't want to speak only short Spanish. So, I have to speak Spanish for my job, that's important.

Beth:  So, if there are people thinking about doing what you have done, you mentioned the advice of getting your own agent, and someone that you trust.

Jack:  Yeah, yeah, that's the most important advice I can give.

Beth:  It's great advice. I think it's very true.

Jack:  Yeah, it's difficult maybe to know who you can trust, that's the biggest problem. It's the same when you're looking backwards then you can check if it's OK, if the choice is good.

Jack:  Yeah, buying a house in Spain is doing business abroad and doing business abroad is not easy. So, you need somebody.

Beth:  Be a little bit brave, then I suppose would be your advice to people?

Jack:  Yeah, I think, yeah.

Beth:  I think it sounds like just take it one step at a time and do a lot of research?

Jack:  Yeah, yeah that's what I thought. We were looking for two years and we know when you are looking for two years you know the market so it's not, "Oh the sun is shining so I'll buy it." No, no, there's more. So research is very, very important and yes to know what the market is and which price is normal, yeah.

Beth:  If you could do one bit differently to when you did it before, what would you do differently?

Jack:  That's a good question.

Beth:  Would you do it all exactly the same?

Jack:  Actually, I don't know. The only thing I can say is don't buy too fast. Think about it, it's an important and expensive choice that you make so don't do that quick.

Beth:  Yeah, you want it to be the right thing. I think that's exactly right. When are you next going to Spain?

Jack:  In about three or four weeks.

Beth:  Oh, amazing, I hope you have a really good time I'm very jealous. But thank you so much for talking to me today. I hope it goes really well.

Jack:  It's a pleasure to meet, it's a pleasure to meet.

Beth:  It's a pleasure talking to you to. Bye Jack.

Jack:  Bye bye.


Thank you for listening and thanks to Jack for sharing his experiences.

And to Skyline Costa Blanca for making this episode possible. I could really tell that Jack has loves Spain for his whole life, and which family already there it’s great to see that he now sees Spain as his second home.

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Tune in next time when I speak with Tania from Sydney, Australia. She worked with Olvera Properties to find her dream home in Spain.

And I think lives the furthest away than any of our buyers so far. She loves Spain so much that over the last five years she’s bought not one but two properties.

I’m Beth Davison and you’ve been listening to the Spanish property podcast. I’ll see you next time!

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