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Episode 44: Tania who purchased in Olvera

Episode 44: Tania who purchased in Olvera
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Join us this week as Tania runs through her experience of purchasing two properties in Olvera. Originally from Australia, Tania found the right local agent who helped her find the right places. Tune in to hear her experience of buying in Spain compared to Australia, the renovating process, and letting out on Airbnb.

Show Notes:

  • [1:32] Why she bought for the second time
  • [2:45] How she did her research living whilst on the other side of the world
  • [5:40] How her agent project managed the renovations
  • [7:30] Renting out her property on Aribnb
  • [10:22] What she loves about the Spain compared to Australia
  • [12:45] The strong sense of community in the Olvera


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Welcome to the Spanish property podcast where we interview people who recently purchased their dream home in Spain.

They tell us what worked, what didn’t and what they’d do differently next time.

I’m Beth Davison and today I’m speaking with Tania originally from Sydney, Australia.

She purchased her dream home in Olvera in Andalucia.

Having fallen in love with Spain whilst walking the camino de santiago Tania loves the history of the country and what better way to learn about it by buying not one but two homes there.

She worked with the estate agent Olvera Properties to find her dream home in Spain.

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Tania: I'm Tania I live in Sydney, Australia, and I purchased two properties now, in southern Spain in a village called Olvera, which is about an hour and twenty minutes from Seville. I purchased the first property, I would say, around five years ago and the second property about three years ago. I use these houses for holiday purposes and when I'm not there I rent them out in the tourist market.

Beth:  Incredible, so the first process went so well that you decided that you would do it again.

Tania:  Yes, actually, it was surprisingly easy, the experience. I was, obviously, a bit nervous about it because, based here in Australia, which is a long way away from Spain. But I was fortunate enough to meet an extremely professional real estate agent who was operating out of the town, out of the village, and I went there to meet them. They showed me the properties. They instilled a little confidence in me and, in fact, it was all very easy. I wouldn't say that it was overly stressful . It went very smoothly and there weren't any subsequent problems, so I think the trick is to find a very good, reputable agent to deal with if you're not physically there.

Beth:  Which is such a common piece of advice. I don't think I've spoken to anyone as far away from Spain as you are. So, it's a really unique perspective that you've got. You said you came over for viewings, but presumably not so often. Did you cram a lot of viewings into one visit? How did that work?

Tania:  Yes I did, I had been just searching on the internet and I came upon this village which I was quite attracted to, then I discovered the existence of this estate agent, so I communicated with them by email and telephone. Then, I had planned a trip, a holiday to Spain, to walk some of the Camino de Santiago. So, during that visit I had arranged to go down south and meet them in person. By that stage we had a short list of properties that I wanted to view, which we did. I ended up buying something completely different.

Beth:  So it's lucky that you viewed, really.

Tania:  Yes, yes, that was fine. I think it was good and after seeing a few properties they started to get a sense of what I might like. Despite that, I had gone with the intention of not buying anything that required any renovation. I actually did something completely different and bought something that required some renovation, not a lot. So, that was even more scary, in a way, to manage that process from Australia, but with their help it worked really well.

Beth:  Incredible, how much of the Camino did you do? I actually did that walk last year, so I know how much it makes you fall in love with Spain.

Tania:  Ah yes, I unfortunately couldn't do it all. I did about one hundred and fifty kilometres. It was amazing, really amazing.

Beth:  Incredible, when you changed what you wanted to buy after seeing some things, did you still have a specific budget? Did you know how many bedrooms, or did it all change for you?

Tania:  Oh no, the budget was about the same, and yes, I wanted something small, a one bedroom, so that was great for me. Yeah, so the only thing that changed, really, was that they needed to do some renovations. But, in the end that was fun because I got to put my little stamp on that property. So, it turned out well. With the second property it was already complete so I could just immediately put that property on the market. I have done some more cosmetic changes to it in the time that I've had it, but essentially that property was ready to walk in and live in the next day really.

Beth:  With the renovations, were you put in touch with builders? How did you figure that out, or were you doing that online from Australia as well?

Tania:  No, so the agent that I worked with had connections with builders in the village so she recommended one. So, essentially she project managed the renovations for me on the ground. So, I was dealing with her. She speaks English which is a bonus because my Spanish is not very good. So, we would discuss what I wanted. We had a basic idea before that started and then she managed to help me through that process. That builder has gone on to help me in the second property. He is extremely helpful and now I have a direct relationship with him as well.

Beth: Fantastic, because it's all about trust I think, with all of this, with builders, with agents, it's about building up trust. With the level of distance that you've got.

Tania:  Exactly, so I went into this whole venture thinking, OK there's an element of risk. I'm prepared to invest this much money, and I'm only going to invest the amount of money that I'm willing to lose if it all goes pear shaped, which it didn't thankfully. For me it has been an extremely positive experience. The rental on those properties is very good. They are frequently booked throughout the year, so whilst I don't make a fortune out of that, they certainly cover their costs and a bit more and I get to stay in them as often as I can.

Beth:  Who takes care of them from the rental... Is it AirBnB that you do, so you have cleaners come in at the end of each booking? How does that work?

Tania:  Yes, I have both properties listed on AirBnB so I manage all of the administrative booking process that's associated with that. Then I have a Spanish cleaner in the village and another English man who helps me with maintenance and all of the check-in on the ground procedures.

Beth:  OK, great.

Tania:  So that all goes reasonably well. I wouldn't say it's without headaches here and there, but mostly it works fairly smoothly now.

Beth:  Yeah, fantastic. So, if you were going to do it again would you do it any differently? Were there any parts that you would say, "Oh I didn't navigate that amazingly well, and now I would know how to do that better?"

Tania:  Oh, I think I have just been so fortunate to have been able to work with that particular agent. So, I instantly felt that I could trust them. I spoke with other people who had worked through them in the past. So, I think that's the sort of thing to do if you can, find out who else has worked with an agent on the ground and get their feedback and their perspective.

So, I felt fairly confident that that process was going to be fine, and it was. I've remained in contact with those people. We've become friends, in fact, so that's fine. I don't know what I would do differently. Perhaps buying two properties might not have been... maybe I would have perhaps gone for a slightly larger one property rather than the two small properties. But, at the moment, I have an option to potentially extend one of the properties. If that process comes together then I may look at selling the first one. So just to upgrade into a larger property, one larger property.

Beth:   I love this, it's not done for you. You still have got all of these projects in mind, and these things you want to do. It's fantastic.

Tania:  Yes, absolutely, I quite enjoy it. I like the design element and I like working with that local architectural styles, that Moorish influence that you find in the south, I like the decorative element of that. To me it's been a really nice hobby as well, and just managing the properties on AirBnB, that's a bit of a hobby, and I've met some nice people through that process. So, yeah, it's working great.

Beth:  Awesome, when it comes to the weather, that tends to be the most common reason, when you talk to people from the UK, that's why they bought in Spain. You're coming from Australia and it's already so beautiful there. So, what's the most different thing in Spain in comparison to life in Australia?

Tania:  I would have to say the history, absolutely the history. Australia is a relatively new country in terms of its migrant population, if you like. So, we don't have that depth of history that you find in Europe. Also for me, I'm very attracted to the lifestyle in southern Europe, the late nights, the nice weather, the sense of community, the liveliness.

In Australia we tend to be living more isolated existences really. So, we don't have that vibrancy that you find every day on the streets. So, for me, that was the attraction. Not so much the weather, like you say we have nice weather here. We have nice beaches in Australia,  the food, the music, the architectural style, for me that's the attraction.

Beth:  Have you met any other Australians?

Tania:  Yes I have. It's a funny story. When I was talking to a friend of mine here, when I was running the idea by her, "Oh, I'm thinking about buying somewhere here in Spain." She said, "Well, funny thing, I have some friends who bought in that region." She mentioned another town and she said, "I think it might be there."

She described this couple: an Australian man and a Sri Lankan woman. Anyway, so that conversation passed and then I went to the village and I spent the first day looking around. The agent recommended that I try certain restaurants. I had said to him during the course of the day the same story, a friend of mine knows some people.  Then I went into the village square to the restaurant and the first couple that I met was that couple. They, in fact, had bought in the same village.

Beth:  Small world, that's amazing.

Tania:  But other than that... Oh yes, in the same village there was another Australian couple who had purchased a house there. That community in the village actually we have people from, obviously, the majority are from the UK, but also from Belgium, from Russia, from  Australia, all over, lots of difference influences.

Beth:  I think that is what a lot of people are really enjoying. You don't feel isolated even though there is a language barrier with lots of people who purchase in Spain you really build your own community. You learn a little bit of the language but also you meet all of these other people from so many different places and you really form nice friendships.

Tania:  Yes, I think it's very important though, if you're in a small village, particularly. My property is located in an inland village. It's very important that you try to learn the language. I'm still learning but I've certainly improved. You just need to on a day to day basis anyway. You're dealing with hardware shops and just your local retailers it's very useful to be able to speak some Spanish.

Beth:  Great that's excellent advice. Finally, if someone is sitting there thinking about doing it from anywhere in the world. If they're thinking about taking that leap and buying that first property in Spain, what would you say to them?

Tania:  I'd say absolutely do it, but just don't overextend yourself . Be prepared for things to go a little astray, but if that happens, for me, it was, "I'm going to make this decision to do this because it's what I want to do. I know there's a risk attached to it but I'm not going to invest more than I'm prepared to lose." That would be my advice.

Beth:  Very sensible, well fantastic. Thank you so much for talking to me today. I'm glad that it's gone so well. Do you think there will be a third property in the future?

Tania:  No, not at the moment, I'm very happy with my situation. I'm just looking forward to spending more time there.

Beth:  Yeah, incredible. Well, have a great time when you get back over there.

Tania:  OK, thank you very much.

Beth:  Thanks Tania, bye.

Tania:  Bye.


Thank you for listening and thanks to Tania for sharing her experiences.

And to Olvera Properties for making this episode possible. It’s great that Tania not only has experience of buying properties but also in renovating them and renting them out as well. I love the idea of treating AirBNB as a hobby.

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Tune in next time when I speak with Jonathan, originally from the United States but currently living in Germany.

He worked with estate agent Oliva Casas to find his dream home in Spain. And believes that after getting on so well with his agent the buying process should be fun.

I’m Beth Davison and you’ve been listening to the Spanish property podcast. I’ll see you next time!


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