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Episode 48: Jasmine who purchased in Almuñecar

Episode 48: Jasmine who purchased in Almuñecar
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Join us as we hear how Jasmine found her dream home in Almuñecar. Originally from Belgium with a family of 3 little girls, they’ve learnt how to find a place that feels like home. After having looked over 100 houses, we discuss why they chose Spain over Turkey, owning rental properties, and having the right agent answer all your questions.

Show Notes:

  • [3:00] Why they knew they found the right property
  • [4:51] Owning multiple properties in Spain
  • [6.25] How they learnt about the Spanish property market
  • [8:15] Differences in buying in Spain vs Belgium
  • [10:18] Description of the property
  • [12:30] Following your heart to find the right place
  • [12:47] What to watch out for when buying property in the Spanish countryside


Cumbre Villas

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  • Welcome to the Spanish Property podcast where we interview people who have recently purchased their dream home in Spain.

  • They tell us what worked, what didn’t and what they’d do differently next time.

  • I’m Beth Davison and today I’m speaking with Jasmine, from Belgium, who purchased her dream home in Almunecar and worked with estate agent Cumbre Villas.

  • So many people I've talked to built such a great relationship with their agent, but I think Jasmine is the first person who has taken this much inspiration from the experience. 


  • Have  listen to Jasmine's career choice after her purchasing process.

  • Check out the show notes at to find links and resources mentioned in this episode



Body of Transcription


Jasmine:  I'm Jasmine from Belgium. I'm married to Bart and we have three little girls: now six, ten, and eleven years old. Initially, when the little one was still a baby, we were searching for a [place to] holiday, and we booked a holiday in Turkey, because that was the only that we could find a beautiful hotel with an en suite bedroom because the three children were too little to put in a separate bedroom. So, we went to Turkey and it was so disappointing.


My husband was searching only in Tunis to find a house. But initially we were searching in Italy, and suddenly my husband saw an advertisement from a broker, here, in the Costa Tropical - a house. He showed it to me and he said, "Why are we not going to Spain to have a look?" 


I said, "OK," and we booked a flight for a long weekend with all three children. It was there that we met Juan, from Cumbre Villas, and he showed us a lot of houses the first four days that we were there. The moment that we arrived in the Costa Tropical it was clear to my husband and I that that was the place that we would like to have a holiday home because it felt really like a second home.


Beth:  Amazing!


Jasmine:  From the beginning, yeah, from the beginning.


Beth:  That must have felt like quite a relief if you'd come from somewhere that was really disappointing, to then find somewhere that was your perfect place. What was it that you loved about it?


Jasmine:  Yeah, I can't say what actually... First if all it was the views. The views here, in the Costa Tropical, are really amazing. We like the mountains, we like the sea, and here you have the combination of the two. Then all the people were so friendly, also, for the kids. There is good food here, that's very important for my husband. So, we like to eat. So, yeah, everything felt right.


Then the search for the right holiday house began. I think, in total, we have looked at one hundred houses.


Beth:  Wow, OK.


Jasmine:  Even more I think. We also looked in the Costa del Sol, because my mother was saying, "Ah Jasmine, you haven't seen all of Spain yet. Why will you choose the Costa Tropical?" I said, "OK, we'll go see some houses also in the Costa del Sol." 


My husband and I were saying that we wanted to go to the Costa Tropical because of the three days in Costa del Sol, we had it with that area. It's a beautiful area but it didn't feel like home for us.


Beth:  Yeah, yeah, so, then the different thing about you is that you now own multiple properties out there, so how did that all work, because some of that is still being built? Am I right in saying?


Jasmine:  Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's right. So, we initially bought the first house after a long search. Then we started to go on holiday there and we rented the house too. Then, with Cumbre Villas, we were looking, after a few years, for a second investment and we found it, with them too. Then, a few years after that, we said, "Ah, we really want to have our dream house here," and we started building and they are now building and it will be finished soon.


Beth:  Wow, that is so exciting! So, are you going to be having tenants, other people moving into them, and then you'll charge them rent each month?


Jasmine:  Yeah, yeah, yeah, also. So, that's really the purpose of it, also, that we can rent the house.


Beth:  Yeah, amazing!


Jasmine:  Three times a year we are coming ourselves. So, during the summer we are here for one month, and then we are really living like Spanish people here. For the rest, it's in November we are coming, and in Easter we are coming too.


Beth:  So did you know a lot about the property market in Spain, and the process? Because now that you've done it several times, it takes a lot of confidence, I think.


Jasmine:  Yes, but the confidence we really have received it through Cumbre Villas. Those people, really, are now friends. We always trusted them and they were the only broker, also, where we had a good feeling. Now, we have confidence in this region, really. 


Beth:  You must have felt very confident to buy in Spain three times, and the reason for that, the relationship with your agent seems to be a big part of that?


Jasmine:  Yeah, yeah, really, indeed. The relationship with the broker was the first thing for us. Then, we bought the second home, and then the third home now, that we are building, it is because now I know the region very, very well now. I think that I almost know every house that is for sale here. Another thing, so this year I also started, in Belgium, a real estate agency and we are also now selling the properties here, in the Costa Tropical.


Beth:  Wow!


Jasmine:  Yeah, so, it's really, really... I fell in love with this region and now, also, as a profession I do this as a living.


Beth:  Wow! So, they inspired you, they really inspired you to want to get involved with that industry. Are they different to estate agents in Belgium?


Jasmine:  Yes, there are differences, because here, in Spain, a house can be with several brokers. Ok, it's possible in Belgium too, but normally people don't do that in Belgium. People in Belgium choose one broker and that's it. Sometimes two, but not more than that, and here in Spain it is usual that you're choosing several brokers.


Beth:  So, what was it that initially made them so good?


Jasmine:  Yeah, it was really the confidence that we get from them. They help with everything. We had a lot, a lot of questions because it's exciting when you are buying something in Spain that you don't know well. They answered everything. They also have lawyers with them that made it so that we got really confident with them. 


Beth:  Amazing, and have they helped with... because obviously you needed to find builders. Once you bought this most recently, this plot of land, did they help with finding the right people?


Jasmine:  Yeah, yeah, certainly, absolutely. So, they recommended everyone and then we started. Yeah, it started with the architect. We found the architect through Cumbre Villas too. So, they recommended the architect and then they recommended the building company. Through them, we have, almost now, our dream house.


Beth:  Wow, so, when is it going to be finished?


Jasmine:  Normally the end of May, so in a few weeks.


Beth:  Oh wow, that's so exciting. What kind of house is it, can you describe it for me?


Jasmine:  It will be a real modern house, a big modern house with beautiful views, like everywhere here in the Costa Tropical, of the mountains and of the sea, with a big pool to spend some lovely time with family and friends. That was really the purpose. Now, for example, in July we are coming with eighteen people to the house.


Beth:  Whoa!


Jasmine:  These are all friends, from Belgium, who are coming.


Beth:  That will be so much fun! Is it good for kids? You have three girls and you were looking for somewhere where the kids will have a good time as well?


Jasmine:  Yeah, yeah, the kids love this area too. They, actually, grew up here. So, they don't know many other places then here for the moment. Yeah, we are going to ski also, but for spending summer holidays it's, up until now, always here. 


Beth:  So nice!


Jasmine: They are used to it here. They know the people of the restaurants, we know the people of the shops here. It's like home for them too.


Beth:  Yeah, that's so lovely. So, if you were going to do it again (it sounds like everything went very smoothly) is there anything that you would do differently on any of the purchases?


Jasmine:  No, no, I don't think so. No, it went like we quick left and, yeah, everything went well up to now. 


I can't imagine one thing that I would change, no. Once again, it's really due to Cumbre Villas that we are feeling so, so well in this area. It's really thanks to them. 


Beth:  Brilliant, and advice that you would give to other people who are thinking about doing the same thing, what would you tell them?


Jasmine:  Yeah, you have to follow your heart, and that's what we did, really, in the beginning. We followed our heart and, yeah, our heart was saying that this is the right place for us. You have to be careful with some properties because now we know that when you are buying something, for example, in the country, in the campo.


Beth:  Yeah, countryside, the countryside outside of towns, yeah.


Jasmine:  Yeah, when you're buying in the countryside, there are a lot of houses where it's not always right to build on. You have to be careful there.


Beth:  Ah, so you mean permission to build on the land?


Jasmine:  Yeah, yeah, sometimes there are houses that are built without permission. Yeah, when you don't know the area it's difficult to see which house is OK and which is not. That's because of Cumbre Villas that we now know. My husband says that, yeah, we trust them. I think it's really important to find someone that you trust here. That's why I'm going to also sell the houses in Belgium because I know, now, who I can trust here.


Beth:  So, do you think that you'll leave Belgium entirely and move to Spain? 


Jasmine:  No, no, I could live here, really, but I would miss family and friends too much.


Beth:  Yeah, of course.


Jasmine:  Also, for the children, they are now the age where they know all the people in Belgium too, and no, I don't think so. Maybe when we retire, yes.


Beth:  Yeah, but at the moment you've got a lovely split between the two places. It sounds great. And you can bring eighteen people to come and have a party.


Jasmine:  Yeah, yeah, yeah, but then it's full. 


Beth:  Yeah!


Jasmine:  With eighteen people every room is so full.


Beth:  But it will be amazing. It will be so great. Listen, thank you so much for talking to me today. I'm glad that it has all gone so smoothly for you. I hope, come May, it looks amazing. I hope it's going to be everything that you dreamed.


Jasmine:  Ah, thank you very much. 


Beth:  Thank you for talking to me, today, Jasmine.


Jasmine:  You're welcome, you're welcome.



  • Thank you for listening and thanks to Jasmine for sharing their experiences and to Cumbre Villas for making this episode possible

  • I loved that Jasmine built her dream home from scratch and that her agent was able to find her the perfect architect. It just goes to show how much trust there is in that relationship, and that it can even inspire a career choice.

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  • Tune in next week when I speak with John, from England who worked with Easy Suggest to find his dream home in Spain

  • Having retired and chosen to live in Spain full time, John is a wealth of knowledge of what Spanish life is like and what it takes to move your whole life abroad.

  • I’m Beth Davison and you’ve been listening to the Spanish property podcast. I’ll see you next time!

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