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5 easy ways to sell a property to a buyer even when you don’t speak their language

One of the useful functions of Kyero we often talk about is the ability to translate your listings into 13 different languages.

But some agents we speak to are reticent about using this to market themselves to international buyers because they’re worried they won’t be able to speak to them in their own language if they make an enquiry.


To give you a little bit of extra encouragement we’ve come up with a few ways you could overcome the language barrier and make those international sales.

  1. Establish if there’s a common language

While you may not speak the mother tongue of your potential buyer, it could be that there is a common language you both know well enough to get by. Perhaps English or French? Or perhaps your enquirer can manage enough rudimentary Spanish that you can both make yourself understood. Whatever the outcome, never be afraid to ask about other languages – your customer won’t mind if it means they’re able to communicate more easily with you.

  1. Use Google translate

Google Translate is an extremely useful tool that instantly translates a foreign language for you, supporting up to 100 languages to a greater or lesser extent. Access the tool online or download the app to your Android or iOS phone and you’ll be able to translate text by simply typing in what you want to say. You can then copy the translation into an email to an enquirer.

Alternatively, when you’re conducting a viewing you can switch to conversation mode which will give you two-way instant speech translation in 32 languages. You may find the occasional slightly odd translation, but it will definitely give you more than enough help to be able to hold a reasonable conversation.

  1. Use a translator

Probably the most seamless option is to use a human translator. If you are able to justify sourcing a professional then great; alternatively find out whether anyone in your office might be able to act in this capacity. Explain to them that you’re not looking for perfection, just a personal approach to getting the right information across.

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  1. Let the property do the talking

If you really can’t find a suitable way to communicate that works for both parties, there is another option – you can let the property speak for itself.

If you provide the right information on your Kyero listings, provide attractive and honest photographs and use the Kyero translate function, your buyer will already have got a very good idea about the details of the property and whether they’re interested. The viewing should then become a formality.

In which case you can guide the buyer to the property, point out the things that make it particularly special and let them make up their own mind.

  1. Establish key features to find the right property

If you receive a request for help from a potential customer with whom you can’t find a common language, it may be a good idea to aim to narrow down their search criteria so that you can focus on finding a property that meets their needs. Try using one of the methods above with the intention of establishing exactly what the enquirer is looking for. You’ll then be able to scour your portfolio for the right thing and avoid wasted time and frustration on both sides.

Whichever method you choose, there’s no need for language to be a barrier to a successful sale.



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