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Is the home buyer ready? 5 purchase signals to watch out for

Although there might be differences in how buyers from different countries approach the property buying process, there are certain universal signals that indicate when a buyer is truly intending to make that purchase.

We’ve learned from our 15 years experience connecting international buyers with Spanish property agents that you can always rely on these 5 powerful signals.  Once you learn to recognise them you’ll know when it’s worth investing extra time in getting them over the line.


#1 They provide you with a phone number

When you receive an enquiry through your online channels you can get clues about the intentions of the potential buyer. Look at how much information they have offered up to you. Personal data is precious; people only share it if they want something in return. If your enquirer gives you their phone number as well as their email address it is an indication that they’re happy to be contacted directly; a sign they want you to get back to them quickly. So make sure you do. This one is ready to get moving.

#2 They’ve planned a viewing trip

Has your warm lead booked the flights ready to travel over and see some properties in person? This is a sure sign they’re ready to do a deal. Your job is simply to find them the perfect property and the rest should fall into place. Arranging a viewing trip to Spain is a big commitment in terms of both time and money. It’s not one that a potential buyer will enter into lightly. Several couples on the Kyero podcast have discussed how they visited on a viewing trip, found ‘the one’ and have never looked back.

#3 They are asking specific questions

You will find that your buyers go through a journey. To begin with they might ask questions about areas of Spain. They’ll be looking to establish the best places for them to settle down or information about the language or country in general. As they move through the process the types of questions they ask will change. They will become more specific. Perhaps your buyers will ask about particular features of a property, the local school or whether there is planning permission in place. These narrower questions indicate that the buyer is interested; they’ve reached the detail stage. Encourage these questions. The more emotionally invested a buyer becomes in a property, the more likely they are to see themselves living in it. Make time for those questions.

#4 The mortgage is already arranged

While we’re not suggesting you should only speak to people who already have their mortgage lined up, it is worth asking the question when you begin communicating with potential buyers. If someone has already got the money sorted, then their intention to buy is pretty clear and they’ll want to move quickly before the offer expires. Work hard to find the property they’re looking for and very soon you could see them signing on the dotted line.

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#5 There is a job offer in place

If you receive an enquiry from a potential buyer that has already been given a job offer or has a particular commitment in Spain, grab it with both hands. Contact them immediately offering your help to find the property of their dreams. If a job offer is already in place you know they need to move and most likely to move quickly. So get to know your new customer and make sure that you’re the agent that does the deal for them.


By reading these signals you can recognise the buyers that have a clear intention to make a purchase. By concentrating on these customers you’ll be able to focus your efforts and see real return on investment for the time you spend supporting them with their search.


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