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What Makes a Great Property Listing?

Your property listing. Done right, it’s one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal. Done wrong, you stand to lose out on clicks, enquiries and ultimately sales.

So, what’s the winning formula? Great photos + compelling descriptions + key features = The perfect property listing


Let’s look at these elements one at a time:

Are photos really that important?

When searchers land on Kyero, their movements are pretty easy to predict. Usually, they’ll type in a location they’re considering and perhaps select a price bracket and a number of bedrooms, and then they’ll scroll through the first few pages of properties that come up.

What will they be looking for? First and foremost, they’ll take in the photos, looking for something that catches their eye within their budget. They might also be scanning the titles of the listings to check whether they’re relevant. But at this stage, it’s all about standing out.

THAT is how important your photos are and in particular the first photo in your property listing. In fact, feedback from visitors to the site suggests that they believe good photos are the most important thing when it comes to using property listings to find the perfect property, as only through great photos can they get a real understanding of what the property offers.

Check out our blog post: 5 photos that are guaranteed to sell your Spanish property for some brilliant examples.

How to write descriptions that make people enquire

Let’s think about the purpose of the property description you’re writing. Yes, it is to provide information about the property and the area, but more than that, it’s about capturing attention and capturing the imagination of people who might be interested in the type of property you’re selling.

Start by thinking about the one key thing about the property that makes it appealing to prospective buyers. Is it the sparkling turquoise waters of the pool? The 360-degree view of farmland? The traditional tiles in the hallway? Or the welcoming expat community in which it sits? This is your property’s USP or unique selling proposition. Use it as the star of the show by including it in your opening point.

Once you’ve captured people’s attention, focus on other likely points of interest. In particular talk about the local area, an important consideration for potential buyers – demonstrate expert knowledge of your property’s location with the help of our Kyero location guides.  

Make sure you write using positive, emotive language and help the reader to imagine themselves enjoying the property. Rather than saying, “ there is a pool with a good-sized terrace” try, “imagine early evening spent relaxing on the terrace with a glass of Rioja as the last rays of sun sparkle on the turquoise waters of the pool.”

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What to include in the key features section

Now for the details. Key features is all about succinctly providing all the useful details your prospective buyer will want to know. Now you’ve drawn them in with stunning photos and an appealing description, it’s time to help them determine whether the property actually has everything they require.

Include things like the number of bedrooms, the other types of rooms and their dimensions, the size of the terrace and pool, the distance to the beach and local tapas bars, local schooling, the number of local golf courses and other outdoor activities. Make sure you set out everything clearly so it’s easy to digest, but this is your opportunity to show your audience just how much your property can offer them.  

Make sure you include everything your potential buyer might be looking for in the property. It’s not unusual for searchers to have a checklist in mind of things they want to find, and if your listing doesn’t mention the things they’re after they may well just move onto the next one. Particularly if they’re looking in an area with lots of choice. The easier you can make it for them to see that this is their dream property, the more likely they’ll excitedly click on that enquire button.

Ultimately, creating a great property listing may take a little more time initially, but the payoff is more clicks and enquiries and higher qualified leads thanks to the wealth of information you’ve provided. All of which should lead to a quicker sale and potentially less time ‘on the ground’ with viewers.

Why not start tweaking and improving your existing listings today?

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