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A Brexit Update: Who is Buying Spanish Property?

As the issue of Brexit continues to whirl around, we are still no closer to understanding how things will pan out and ultimately how this will affect the economies of the UK and other impacted European countries. There are of course many theories about what will or won’t happen and how citizens will be affected in terms of travel, living costs, availability of supplies and of course house prices and availability.

Brexit Update

When things start to become clearer, we’ll obviously do everything we can to help you, as agents, to understand the impact it will have on you and the international home buyers you serve. In the meantime, however, we thought we’d look at the changes we’ve seen in the international housing market since the UK’s referendum almost three years ago.

How are international buyers changing?

Looking at year on year data British buyers still mount up to a large percentage of Kyero’s visitors.

British buyers currently make up 23.8% of total visits to the site, against 59.8% from the rest of Europe and 16.4% from the rest of the world.

In terms of unique visitors numbers in the last three months, excluding Spanish and British visitors, France, the Netherlands and Germany made it again to the top 3 with Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Ireland following. Norway, Switzerland and Denmark complete the top 10 list. Visitors coming from Portugal, even if they haven’t made it into the top 10 list (currently position 11) are up by an impressive 55.8%.

Far from Brexit doom and gloom, we’d say that’s all pretty good news.

So, how can you improve your chances of selling to these new buyers?

We often talk about the importance of learning about the types of people who are looking to buy property so you can approach them with understanding. Here are some ways Kyero can help you do this:

  • Try the Kyero podcast if you haven’t already. We interview buyers from all over the world to find out what they were looking for and how the process worked for them.
  • Or check out our series of blogs discussing the key characteristics of different buyers and how to sell to them.  Based on the data above we suggest starting with US buyers and Danish buyers first.

All in all, the search data we’re seeing indicates rising international interest from all corners of the globe. This means plenty of great opportunities for making sales as long as you’re willing to invest in getting your properties in the right places to be seen by these overseas searchers.

Learn more about what Kyero can do to help put you in front of international buyers.

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