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Writing property listings that will get viewings in the diary

When a potential buyer scrolls through the Kyero site you want them to do two things. You want them to notice your listing, stop in their tracks and click through to find out more. And then you want them to be interested enough to make an enquiry, and even better ask for a viewing.

But how can you write your ad, or listing, in a way that increases the chances of thing number two happening?

Writing property listings that get viewings

Here we’re looking at a few tips and tricks that you might like to try.


Make sure you include all the important details


  • When you’re writing your listing make sure you start with the thing that’s most likely to sell the property. It sounds obvious, but if you can hook the reader they’ll keep reading. If you’re stuck for ideas about what makes this particular property special talk to the current owners to find out which bits are their favourite.
  • Next list the other key features: the things that you know potential buyers will be looking for in a property; the stand out things that will have them clicking on that enquiry button. Think a sun-drenched terrace, an authentic Spanish floor or the close proximity to the beach. Focus on the types of things that international buyers are looking for when they dream of a life in Spain.
  • Give plenty of information about the location and the local amenities. Online searchers may not know the particular area of Spain particularly well, so it’s up to you to help them fall in love with it. Tell them all about the best local tapas bars, the wonderful school, the watersports that are available just along the coast or the fabulous mountain walks they’ll be able to reach in under an hour.
  • Finally, further down the listing, don’t forget to include details like room numbers and sizes. Potential buyers will need to assess whether the house actually meets their needs.

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Add a dose of persuasion and intrigue


  • Buyers will always be impressed by facts and statistics. So, make the most of the regularly updated reports that we provide about the Spanish housing market and buyer behaviour. Do your research and write about areas that are rising in popularity – let them know when it’s a good time to buy in an up and coming area.
  • Add a bit of intrigue to your ads with phrases such as ‘the views from the terrace have to be seen to be believed.’  Tantalising language like this, as long as it’s based in truth, will pique interest and get potential buyers wanting to know more.
  • Use buyer psychology to your advantage. If a property is proving popular, mention that you’ve had lots of interest. Simply the idea that others like a property can be enough to get buyers interested. This phenomenon is known as social proof – the idea that ‘if others like it then it must be good.’

And concentrate on how you write, not just what you write


  • Use emotive language in your descriptions and incorporate an element of story-telling. This can be a really powerful way of delivering your message and helping to engage the reader in what you’re saying. Talk about the delicate smell of lavender floating through the open bedroom windows, the warm breeze that comes over from the adjacent valley or the sounds of the wild horses running in the fields to the rear of the property.
  • Make sure your listings are always grammatically correct and proofread where possible by a native speaker. Accurate writing implied authority, meaning a potential buyer feels better able to trust you. Good writing is also easier to read, meaning your viewer will be able to concentrate on the message you’re delivering rather than becoming distracted by errors.

Last, but not least, always make sure you remember to tell your reader what to do next. Whether that’s ‘enquire above’, ‘get in touch for more information’ or ‘don’t delay, book a viewing today’, simply by making the next steps clear you will increase the likelihood that your potential buyer will act, and hopefully book that viewing.


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