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5 ways Kyero is getting more eyes on your properties

While you may feel you understand how Kyero works when it comes to managing listings and enquiries, what might not be so clear is everything else we do behind the scenes. We work hard to build our reputation and increase the number of customers that visit the portal. Which means you can enjoy increasing numbers of high-quality enquiries with very little extra effort on your part.

Find out more about just some of the ways we work on your behalf:

#1 We concentrate on content strategy

Content strategy is a fancy way of talking about what we choose to share on our website, email marketing and social media channels.

The purpose of our content marketing strategy is to provide useful information that will help people more easily purchase property in Spain. Whether that’s making it less stressful for them or simply less time-consuming. We create information guides, podcasts and blog articles and then we share these across all our channels including social media and email.

Creating such a wealth of useful content allows us to demonstrate our expertise in the Spanish property market. As readers share our articles and increasing numbers of people discover our content online, Kyero’s expert reputation continues to grow. All of this works to increase the number of new visitors arriving at the portal, benefiting the agents that are advertising there.

#2 We’ve made a commitment to produce the podcast

If you still haven’t listened to the Kyero podcast, what have you been waiting for? By telling the story of recent buyers’ experiences, we use the podcast to both inform and entertain. We interview buyers to find out how the process was for them, where they bought and what tips they have for people starting out on the same journey.

The Kyero podcast has proved extremely popular among people thinking about buying in Spain and has worked to put both Kyero and some of our most successful agents front and centre in listeners’ minds. When the time comes for them to begin their search, Kyero is the first place they will look.

As an agent you can learn lots from the episodes too – helping you to get inside the mind of your buyers and ease their worries and concerns. Even better, the podcast gives you the opportunity to  get your own clients featured and put your brand in front of thousands of extra prospects for free.

#3 We invest in targeted advertising

Ever been browsing Facebook and seen an advert pop up for something you were just thinking about? Or something you were searching for yesterday? These days, it can often feel like there is someone sitting inside our computer watching and listening to us – it’s almost spooky.

But that’s the point of targeted advertising: to put your business in front of people who are most likely to be interested in the product or service you’re offering. And it’s made possible via a trail of bits of data called cookies that are collected on our computer when we browse websites.

Of course, we want to benefit from this technology, to reach out to people who we feel could benefit from our service but perhaps don’t know about us yet. That’s why we work hard, looking at the demographics of our customer base and using the magic of technology to reach out to similar people who might also be interested.

It’s very clever, but more importantly, when done right it’s an incredibly effective way to pull in new prospects.

#4 We see the benefits of supporting many languages

We often mention the importance of translating your listings into as many languages as possible to better reach international buyers. And it’s a service that you can enjoy when you advertise through Kyero. At the click of a button, you can currently translate your listings into 13 languages including Danish, Italian, Russian and Portuguese.

But offering that service takes work behind the scenes. We have a team of people working to improve our translation technology, to make sure it works as well as possible and to ultimately increase the number of languages we’re able to support.

#5 We optimise for search

‘Search Engine Optimisation’ or SEO can be a term that strikes fear in to the heart of many. But it doesn’t have to be complicated. In its simplest form, it’s just about working out what information your target customers are looking for online and providing it for them.

We’ve made sure that our website includes all the key information related to buying property in Spain. So, when people search on the internet we appear near the top of the list. Of course, it’s not quite that simple, SEO is also about how you build your site, the amount of useful content you add to it and the links you have coming into it from other reputable sites. It’s a long-term game that we’ve been concentrating on for years.

As an independent agency based in one region, it would be incredibly time-consuming and expensive to succeed at this all this on your own. That’s why there’s a huge benefit in being part of a community like Kyero.

We are always adding new features, whether it’s useful content written specifically for property buyers, or new technologies to help ease the stresses of searching for property.

So, when potential clients ask us what they get for being a part of Kyero, we think the answer is quite a lot really, don’t you?

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