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Kyero develops 3 business boosting new features

Here at Kyero we’re on a mission to support property buyers and agents alike. Here are three new features that are sure to excite our agents, boost the numbers of visitors coming to the portal and ultimately increase the number of enquiries you’re seeing in your inbox.


#1 LAUNCHED: ‘How to buy in Spain’ guide


What is it?

Kyero have recently produced a free ebook called How to buy in Spain. Aimed at people who are considering relocating to Spain, the guide is packed full of useful information. With everything from what to expect during the property buying process to advice about schooling, healthcare and more, this indispensable guide is a must-have for anyone planning their future in sunny Spain.


Why this is great for agents…

Producing useful online content such as this guide will engage our target audience and further establish Kyero as the market expert. Buyers will feel confident that once they are ready to start making enquiries, Kyero will be their first port of call.

When visitors download the guide, they will also be encouraged to subscribe to our email newsletter. Sent weekly, the Kyero newsletter features outstanding properties that are currently on the market. Properties included tend to gain a large amount of interest and bring visitors back to the portal for further browsing. By growing this list we’ll be regularly putting Kyero in front of more and more potential buyers each week meaning more enquiries for agents that are working hard to get their listings to stand out. By providing them with a regular stream of attractive properties, buyers are more likely to return to the site once they are ready to take the next step.


#2 IN DEVELOPMENT: Tinder-style location matchmaker


What is it?

Will you swipe left or right? Our developers have produced this intuitive tool to help buyers find their perfect place more easily. The fun, engaging interface allows the user to swipe or click on the characteristics that matter the most to them. Whether they want a sea view or a city apartment this handy tool will be able to recommend a location that offers everything they desire.

Why this is great for agents…

Deciding on the right location can often be a source of much confusion for those looking to make the move to Spain. Using a simple tool like this will cut down on the amount of research and reading a potential buyer needs to do, helping them quickly find a location around which to base their search.

By reaching out early in the relocation journey, we can prove ourselves to be invaluable by making their search easier as well as more fun and engaging. This will increase the chances of them using Kyero to look for properties. And more eyes on our property listings means more enquiries for agents like you. Not only that, the leads that come through this tool will be of a higher quality as part of the hard work will have already been done.


#3 IN PLANNING: Location guides & videos


What is it?

Along a similar idea to the location matchmaker, we want to focus on helping buyers earlier in their property buying journey. House hunting from abroad can be difficult. Even with hours spent researching, reading and comparing locations it’s hard for buyers to find up-to-date, comparable information about the locations they’re considering.

We will provide location guides that tell potential buyers everything they need to know about an area, including property prices and local amenities. And the beautiful photos and videos will give them a way to really see inside a place before they make the commitment to visit and view properties.

Why this is great for agents…

Our aim is to provide the best resources on the internet for buyers who are beginning their search for a property in Spain. By solving a real problem that searchers currently face we will be able to help them, engage them and draw them into Kyero early on. In time this will make us the go-to for anyone considering a relocation.

And what does that mean for you? Capturing more buyers means more visitors to the portal, more eyes on your listings and ultimately an uplift in enquiries.


We’ll let you know when each of these features has gone live and where you can find it. Why not share them with your current customers if you think they might be useful to them?

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