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Coping with COVID-19 in Spain – Kyero’s advice for estate agents

As a leading brand in the international buyer market, all of us at Kyero want to reassure our estate agents that we’ll be maintaining our marketing presence throughout this period, to ensure our buyers remain engaged and reassured.  And, most importantly, ready to complete their Spanish property purchases once the travel bans have been lifted.

Coping with COVID-19 in Spain - Kyero's advice for estate agents

What is Kyero doing right now?

The value of Kyero’s property portal is very evident at a time like this.  While our website visitors have dipped in recent days, we’re still receiving hundreds of enquiries, proving that your qualified buyers are still out there and looking to engage with you.

We know buyers will be spending more time than ever online over the forthcoming weeks.  Whether they’re researching life in Spain, where to live in Spain, how to buy in Spain, or starting to build up a dream home shortlist.  So, we’re confident that maintaining a visible presence with our regular buyer newsletters and across our social channels is the best way to take advantage of and engage with that interest.

A new video facility coming soon

As viewing trips aren’t an option right now, and in response to agent feedback, Kyero is fast-tracking property videos.  We’re fine tuning this at the moment and would love your feedback via this 5 minute survey: 

What can estate agents do right now?

While the travel bans are in place, it’s an excellent time to focus on your housekeeping, keeping in mind what your international buyers really care about when looking for their dream Spanish property.

  • Are your property listings the best they can be?

We know that great photos + compelling descriptions + key features = the perfect property listing, encouraging more clicks, enquiries, and ultimately more sales.  Could you refresh some of your current listings with new photos or descriptions/features?

Do you have any testimonials, or new staff members to add?  Has anyone on your team started to learn a new language?

If so, that’s something to add to your Agent Directory entry, but also to share on your own social media channels and newsletter (if you have one) to remind people what a great agent you are! And if not, do let us know if you have any who might be interested in being interviewed?

  • Keep in touch with your leads

As this helpful article points out, it’s wise to nurture today’s leads as they’ll be next quarter’s sales.  Think about sending them updates on what life is like in Spain (ie, nowhere near as bad as the media is portraying it).  And by staying in touch, you’ll ensure the people you’ve identified as ideal buyers will remember you, and you’ll both be ready to go when the travel bans are lifted.

  • Think of other ways to show off your portfolio

As people can’t physically visit your properties, could you get creative and respond to enquiries by offering video tours of properties using WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger, etc?  What are your leads’ preferred methods of communication?  Maybe now is the ideal time to find out.

A lesson from the past

As one of our agents commented during the 2009 financial crisis, “If you’re still alive after the tough times, better times will be a no-brainer. The trick is staying smart until they come.”

Now is the time to be focusing on the future as you’ll have people’s full attention with all eyes glued to the Internet.

So stick with us, let us know how we can continue to help you to make 2020 a success, and we promise to do everything we can to ensure you hit your sales targets at the end of the year.

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