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3 fundamentals of a successful marketing strategy

Marketing is fundamental to the success of your real estate agency. It will help make people sit up and take notice of what you do. After all, if nobody knows you exist, customers will be few and far between.

Whether you choose leaflets, a website, simply word of mouth or a combination, you need to make sure that when people want to buy or sell property you’re the one they call.

3 fundamentals of a successful marketing strategy

So we’re going back to basics to look at three key things you need to cover off in your marketing strategy:

  1.    You need the right message

Theodore Levitt, Editor of Harvard Business Review, said, “People don’t want a quarter inch drill, they want a quarter inch hole.” What he meant by this is that you need to focus on the result not simply your product or service.

Your customer says they want a new home in Spain. But what they’re really looking for is a new way of living, an outdoor lifestyle in the sun. They might want a swimming pool so they can exercise daily, or they might long for a relaxing sea view. Whatever it is, your customer will have a picture in their mind of how their new life in Spain will look.

It’s up to you to tap into this vision and sell it back to them in the message you present in your marketing.

You might want to talk generally about life in a particular region of Spain, or more specifically about the key features of a property. The type of marketing materials you are producing will naturally dictate the details of your message. But if you approach all marketing from the point of view of “What does my audience actually want?” you won’t go far wrong.

  1.    Get your message in the right place

Once you’ve carefully constructed your marketing messages, you’ll need to make sure your audience sees them. And that means choosing the right place for them.

Where you put your message will depend on who you are trying to speak to. If you want to attract buyers or sellers in a local area, then you might find an advertisement in the local paper or letterbox leaflet drop works fine.

However, if you are after international buyers you’ll need to choose a medium that supports this. A property portal like Kyero will allow you to get your message directly in front of the very international buyers that are looking for property in your area. In fact, Kyero allows you to reach millions of buyers in 195 countries and 13 languages.

  1.    Time your message right

To garner maximum interest in your marketing message, you need to make sure it hits at the time people are considering moving abroad, so that it speaks directly to them. Research has shown that holidays and during the lull after Christmas are popular times for international buyers to start considering a move. So these are the times to think about an extra push.

Of course, a good online presence, whether via a website or simply an online property portal, means that your marketing can be switched on 24/7. And that means that no matter when your prospects are searching, you’re open for business.

In summary, right message, right place, right time. Get those three fundamentals covered off and you will see a direct impact on your bottom line.


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