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5 photos that are guaranteed to sell your Spanish property

We often talk about how important it is to use high quality, well-taken photos on your property profile. Not only do beautiful images catch the eye and help your listing to stand out from the others, the right photos can help to tell a story. They can speak to potential buyers and help them to see themselves living in a new villa or apartment.

But what exactly should you be showing your viewers?

Here we discuss the photos you should be taking to make sure you show off your properties in their best light and create as much attention and interest as possible.

#1 Share the beauty of the surroundings

When you’re looking around the property don’t forget to look out of the window too. To a potential buyer, life in a property is not just about what it looks like on the inside, it’s about their surroundings. Whether there’s a view across the mountains or simply a pretty courtyard, what will your buyer see when they throw open the shutters in the morning? Put a beautiful outlook to good use by featuring it in your photo gallery.

Imagine waking up to this


#2 Show the potential of the property

Not every property on your books will look like a show home. But every property will have a sense of character about it, whether that’s a traditional style or a modern quirkiness. Either way, embrace the style and capture it in your photos. This will help your audience to understand more about how the property will feel when they walk into it.

Could you live in a house like this?


#3 Give a great first impression

First impressions are key to selling a property. And for many viewers, what a property looks like as they walk up to it will make or break their decision. Create the wow factor when you show the property’s best side in the exterior photos. OK, not every property will look like this one, but you can always make the most of the good points. Perhaps ensure there’s plenty of greenery in the shot or show the space between a villa and its neighbours to convey how private the property is.

TIP: It’s worth waiting for the right lighting to take the photo too. Earlier or later in the day, when the sunlight is not so harsh, will create a more attractive photo.

This property certainly has curb appeal


#4 Capture unique features of the property

Think about whether the property has any particular features that may be of interest to potential buyers. This could be something big like an infinity pool, but equally could be something less obvious like a rustic wrought iron gate or beautiful hand-painted tiles. Every property will have something that makes it special – why not speak to the current owners to find out their favourite bits? And remember, to an international buyer anything that makes a property authentically Spanish could be a good selling point.

This property ticks all the boxes


#5 Give insights into life in the property

One great sales technique is to help potential viewers to imagine what life would be like in the property you’re marketing. And creating room settings can be an effective way of doing this. Whether it’s showing the large dining room table laid up for a family feast, a selection of magazines, books, cushions and a cup of coffee in the cosy snug, or the sun streaming through the open shutters across the luxuriously made bed. The more you bring the rooms to life the harder they will tug at the buyers’ emotional heart strings.

Pull up a chair and join us for dinner


Now put these tips into practice and start attracting more international buyers today.

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