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A step by step guide to creating a successful property listing

Over the years we’ve shared various tips and tricks to help make your online property profiles more appealing to international buyers. So this week we thought we’d pull it all together. We’ve created a step by step guide that you can follow whenever you have property listings on your ‘to do’ list.


1. Make sure you have the right properties on your books

While it can be challenging to always get the most sought after properties on to your portfolio, you can certainly increase your chances of representing ones that will sell well. Keep up to date with the latest Market Insight to find out which areas and types of property are growing in popularity.  

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2. Learn more about your buyers

Spend plenty of time talking to your buyers and really listening to the kinds of questions they ask you. What do they particularly want to know about the properties they’re interested in? If similar questions are coming up repeatedly, think about how you could include that sort of information in your listing in the first place. The more details you provide, the more a buyer will be able to assess whether it could be the property for them. That way half the work will be done before they even contact you.

3. Talk to vendors about key features

Obviously you want to make the property you’re marketing sound interesting in your listings. But first you’ll need to work out what it is about it that is likely to appeal to people. You can do this in a couple of ways. Walk around the property and note down things that have proved popular with potential buyers in the past – or simply talk to the current owners. What are their favourite parts of the house? Where do they spend most of their time? Do they think there’s anything unusual about the property? This conversation should give you plenty of ideas when it comes to finding the unique selling point (USP) of the property.

4. Make informed decisions about pricing

Buyers have a budget in mind when searching for property online. If your listing is priced too high it might not even appear in front of your target audience. Keep informed of current prices in the market and make sure you’re somewhere in line with them. If your vendors are keen to sell quickly you may be able to convince them to price accordingly, meaning you can create a very tempting listing.

5. Write a great description

When you’re writing your descriptions, try to structure them logically so that people can easily find what they’re looking for. Drawing on your conversation with the vendor above, lead with the benefits of the property: the key features that you think will attract people the most. Give an overview of the property and the local area and then provide more detail. Be sure to include plenty of information about the lifestyle and surroundings in the property description. We often see that profiles with lots of good quality information receive more enquiries.

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6. Take eye-catching photos

Your listing has a lot of work to do for you. But the first thing is to attract the attention of your buyers and hold it. With a dizzying array of properties to compete with, the easiest way to grab the attention of prospective buyers is to choose bright, beautiful photos that shout “Stop! Look at me!”

Buyers searching on the internet will usually check out the photos on a listing first before deciding whether they want to learn more about the property. So make sure yours are working hard. Nervous about getting it right? Remind yourself of these tips for taking professional-looking photographs.

7. Check for typos

You’ve written a brilliant, detailed description and now you’re ready to upload it. But don’t rush; first you need to check it for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. It’s extremely challenging to read something you’ve written yourself and find problems with it. Always make sure you leave your writing to settle for an hour or so before you check it through; this will make it easier to pick up problems. Better still get a colleague to read it through instead.

Having obvious errors in your listings may cause people to doubt your professionalism. Don’t let typos trip you up.

8. Get it translated

Analysis has shown us that the more languages a property’s details are translated into, the more enquiries it will receive. So the final step in creating the perfect property listing is translating your profile to make sure that as many international buyers as possible can read it and understand it.

Did you know? Kyero will help you translate your listing into 13 different languages at the press of a button. There’s no excuse not to.

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