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How To Convert Enquiries Into Property Viewings

How much of your time do you devote to bringing in new business or pushing for new enquiries?

We’re willing to bet it’s a fairly sizable chunk of your working week.

So then, do you spend an adequate amount of time making sure this first chunk of time wasn’t spent in vain? Do you make sure that you invest time in ensuring you convert as many of those enquiries or leads as you possibly can into viewings and ultimately sales?

Clue: You should.

convert enquiries into property viewings

That’s why we’re looking at some of the ways you can make sure those hard-earned enquiries don’t go to waste.

Get back to the enquirer quickly


It won’t come as a shock when we tell you that you may not have been the only agent that received an enquiry from your lead. There’s a good chance they’ve also contacted another agent in the area. Therefore, time is of the essence. Show you’re keen to work with them by replying in good time – always within 24 hours.

If you don’t jump on that opportunity there’s a good chance one of your competitors will.


Put the right processes in place


Time spent putting processes and email templates in place will be well worth it. Even if your process is simply a case of giving one person in the office responsibility for collating all enquiries that have been received and making sure they’re being handled correctly. At least that way they’re not falling into a black hole.

You could produce a professionally branded email template to provide a quick reply, and perhaps book in a discovery call to find out all you can about what they’re looking for, take them through the available options and then…


Ask them to book in a viewing


It may sound obvious, but when you’re talking to someone who has enquired, whether by email or on the phone, if they show interest in a particular property why not simply ask them straight away if they’d like to book in a viewing? They might just say yes.

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Be relentlessly helpful


From your very first contact with your enquirer prove yourself to be as helpful as possible. Offer to answer questions about the local area and provide free information. Perhaps include the link to Kyero’s useful Buyers Guide or podcast series in the template you send out in response to a first enquiry.

By showing that you’re willing to invest time in helping people you’re starting to build that rapport of trust, making it more likely you’ll go on to develop a positive relationship and be able to book in those valuable viewings.


Nurture those warm leads


Nurturing your leads is an important part of increasing conversions.

Whether you choose to use a spreadsheet or a more robust CRM system, make sure you include some steps in your processes above, to get new enquirers loaded up so you don’t lose them.

Be sure to have a system to record all the valuable information you have about them, including contact details and the location and types of properties they’re interested in. As well as the stage of the buying journey that they are at and which home buyer group they belong to.

Integrate your CRM with your sales and promotional channels so that you are providing the right information to the right people helping them to become familiar with you and to keep you at the forefront of their minds.

And you never know, often keeping in touch and providing valuable information is enough to get that viewing booked in when the time is right.

And then once you have them inside that property, the real selling can begin!


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