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How to Dress a House Properly Before Viewings

You’ve taken the photos, updated the property profile and you’ve started to see the enquiries coming in. But when you head to the house to show the prospective buyers around you never know what state you’ll find the place in. And as you know and we know, the cleaner and tidier a property looks, the more likelihood there is of a successful viewing. That’s why it’s worth passing on a few wise words to the owners, so that they make sure the place looks presentable before they vacate for the viewing.

dress a house properly before viewings

Ask them to style parts of their home

Explain to your sellers that the more a viewer can imagine living in a home, the more likely they are to form an emotional attachment to it. And helping them envision their new life is far easier than it sounds. Suggest laying up a dining table for dinner for all the family, with authentic place settings and pretty table linen. Or give them the idea to lay towels on the sun loungers by the pool, or make sure the golf clubs are (tidily) in view.

The more that potential buyers recognise the lifestyle they’re looking for, the more likely they are to want to move in.

Suggest decluttering

While bits and pieces can be moved out of the way to make sure you get the perfect photos, it’s not so easy when someone is looking around in person. Try to encourage your sellers to minimise mess and get rid of anything that takes up space without adding value, either by disposing of it or putting it into temporary storage. This will increase the feeling of roominess and allow the viewer to concentrate on imagining their own possessions in the property.

Remind them that the little details make all the difference

Talk to your seller about the fact that when you show a potential buyer around a property, they need to be able to focus on key features of the house: the size of the rooms and whether they think the space would suit their family, for example. Anything detracting from this can leave a less than positive note in the buyers’ minds. Ask your seller to make sure they leave the toilet seat down, for instance. Ask them to remove cups and bowls from the lounge, wipe down the kitchen work surfaces and do a quick weed check of the front path. If a buyer is not distracted by little details, they’re more likely to want to make a purchase.

Give them ideas for those special touches

Special touches don’t have to be expensive. A house can be made to look like a home simply by adding cushions and throws to sofas and beds, or by adding a vase of flowers or bowl of fruit to cheer the place up. If you’re marketing to international movers, adding a few pieces of local art can work really nicely, as well as incorporating table decorations that are made from locally available plants or fruits. Not only do these look attractive, they act as the perfect talking point when you’re showing people around.

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