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How to get more property enquiries without lifting a finger

How much time do you spend on attracting new clients? We’ll bet it’s a sizeable chunk. And as we all know, time means money. So what if you could increase the number of customers that come to you directly without you having to go out of your way to find them?

Here are some passive ways to keep those customers appearing at your door:

#1 Translate the key features of your properties into multiple languages

Earlier this year we did some research to find out what our top selling agents were doing differently from everyone else. One of the key things we noticed was that these top performers used an average of 8.3 different languages for their property descriptions. And that’s over double the average number of translations used by other agents.

It makes sense. The more languages you share your property descriptions in, the bigger the audience that will be able to read and understand them. And the greater the number of people that could potentially send an enquiry.

#2 Use a portal to do the hard work for you

Make money while you sleep. That’s the dream, right? A portal such as Kyero can’t promise exactly that, but it’s a close second. Your portal listings will be available 24/7 across all time zones, so no matter whether you’re awake or asleep they will be working hard pulling in those customer enquiries. And because the portal is optimised for search engines it will appear in front of international buyers as soon as they start looking for properties in Spain.

One final time-saving tip? You can upload your property listings automatically via one of 50+ compatible property management systems so there’s zero extra effort involved.   

#3 Understand your clients

What’s your usual approach to finding new customers or vendors? If you tend to take a scattergun approach in the hope that some of your marketing methods might stick, think again. Instead, why not preserve all that energy and focus it where you know there is a real return on the investment of your time?

Look for signs that your enquirers are almost ready to buy and concentrate your efforts on converting these into short term sales.

#4 Provide great customer service

While new customer acquisition is important, you must make sure you don’t forget about the ones you already have. Offer great customer service in everything you do and not only will you delight your current customers, you’ll have them singing your praises to anyone who’s interested. That’s like someone else doing your marketing for you. Which means more incoming customers at no extra cost. So spend time getting to know your customer, listen to everything they’re telling you and make sure you act in an honest and trustworthy way. We’ve talked about how to provide excellent customer service previously on the blog if you’d like to know more.

#5 Create an efficient follow up process

The final place to focus your efforts is on warm leads – those customers that have already made first contact with you. When we asked some of our best performing agents for sales-increasing tips we were amazed how many of them mentioned the importance of getting back to enquirers quickly. But sometimes when you’re busy things can get overlooked.

By creating a follow-up process that is semi-automated you can save yourself time and reply faster. And not only that, you can make sure that every email you send is consistently branded, professional and typo-free no matter which member of your staff sends it out. Create templates in your email client or word processing software and it will take seconds to personalise them.  Wouldn’t it be nice to send a welcoming and well-written reply to every new enquirer?

By implementing these 5 tips into your work, not only will you save yourself time but you will also improve your relationship with your customers, both new and old.

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