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How To Turn Viewing Trips Into Sales

Last year, a report into property sales in the UK found that on average a house received 19 viewings before it was sold, compared to 11 in 2015. How does this compare to your experience?

One thing’s for certain, time spent conducting viewings that don’t result in sales is time that could be better spent elsewhere in your business, generating leads or finding new properties to market.


This is why we want to share some tips and tricks from best practice to help increase the chance that your viewings will end on a positive note.

Preparation is everything


Don’t make a habit of checking your diary half an hour before your viewing and simply committing the viewers’ names to memory and thinking you can ‘blag’ the meeting. You’re likely to get far more out of it if you properly prepare in advance. Find out some information about your potential viewers that will help you to personalise the viewing.

Have they got children? Let them know that the international school is 5 minutes down the road. Are they ocean lovers? Tell them there’s a water sports club that runs down at the beach every Saturday morning. Or are they huge foodies? Find out about the most popular local restaurants.

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By providing information that meets your viewers needs, you’ll build up trust with your viewers making them more likely to come back to you for help with their search in preference of going elsewhere.

Listen to what they really want


Having done your preparation, it can be easy to make assumptions about the kind of things your viewer is looking for. Try not to do this.

Ask pertinent questions as you show them around and really delve into their likes and dislikes. That way even if this isn’t their perfect property, you’ll be a step closer to finding one that might be. Make notes of everything discussed and be sure to record them in your CRM system later so you can begin to build a profile of your potential buyer.

Get the benefit of our free resources


Kyero provides numerous online resources that can help you add value during a viewing. You can use our Market Reports and data to provide statistics on house prices and trends in particular areas of Spain giving confidence in the housing market and overcoming any reticence to purchase. And you can recommend viewers access our detailed area guides and buyer podcasts to find out more about what to expect from a move to Spain.

By proving yourself to be knowledgeable and helpful, and doing all you can to help your potential buyer on their journey, you’ll gain a wonderful reputation as a real estate agent who cares about their customers.

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Follow up and continue providing value


If the viewing didn’t result in a sale, it can be easy to say goodbye and thanks, and never hear from the potential buyer again.

This would be a shame though, as that person in front of you is an extremely warm lead who you know needs your services at this time. And in our mind at least, this makes it worth putting some effort into staying in touch.

If you have other properties on your books that they might be interested in, offer to take them back to your office to show them, or to send them links to the property’s online listings by email.

But if not, before parting company, check the buyer is happy with you keeping in touch so that you can let them know if anything comes up in the near future. If you get the go ahead, add them to your CRM system and make sure you include them in relevant sales and promotional activities to keep you at the forefront of their minds.

And one final tip… don’t push people into viewing a property you know won’t be right for them in the first place


Sometimes, if you’ve got a particularly tricky property on your books, one for which you’re not getting much interest, it can be tempting to push people into viewing it simply so you can show the owners that you’ve been taking some sort of action.

Don’t do this.

It’s a waste of your time and theirs, and it’ll quickly result in your potential buyers losing trust in you as an agent.

Concentrate instead on building great relationships through everything you do and working hard to personalise your viewings so you can help buyers to find and view properties that really suit their needs.  And if you can do this? The sales will soon follow.

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