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Simple tools to help you level up your marketing success

Does the idea of marketing ever get on top of you? Do you struggle to find new ways to get your business out there?

If you need inspiration and time-saving tips to help you get new buyers coming in, there are a number of online tools that can really improve the way you generate leads. We’ve tried and tested all of them, and what’s more they’re all completely free to get started with. Why not pick one or two, try them out and see how they could help your business to succeed?


If you’ve ever dreamed of having stunning marketing materials to represent your agency but baulked at the price, Canva is for you. We love this tool for making professional-looking flyers, images for social media and even business cards. Don’t be put off by the idea of a graphic design package – it is a hundred times easier and more intuitive than alternative programs like  Photoshop, and you still get really good results. Choose a template or input the dimensions of the image you’d like to create and you’re ready to get started.

Canva allows you to upload your own photos, fonts and colours or choose from the impressive online gallery. You’ll be able to move elements around until you’re happy with the result and then save and download a JPEG to use instantly. Canva will save you time and stress when it comes to learning how to use a design package and create beautiful graphics.


Another free app, Moldiv is an easy way to edit your photos for use on social media and other online marketing. One of its best features is its ability to create collages of pictures and even add text to them. Collages are an on-trend way to display images in a magazine-style layout. This makes them particularly eye-catching for use on social media channels. Imagine being able to display several images of a new property you’re marketing in one post rather than having to just choose one.

Extremely easy to use (there’s a YouTube video to help if you do get stuck), you can even edit and upload pictures directly from your smartphone.  We’ve tried a few picture collage apps and this one is up there with our favourites.


Choosing to market your properties using Kyero gives you the potential to reach millions of buyers in 195 different countries. Aside from increasing your audience, one of the biggest benefits of getting on board with Kyero is the tools it provides to help you talk to those buyers.

Using the auto-translate feature allows you to translate your property profiles into 13 different languages. This means you can provide all the necessary information to help international buyers make an informed decision about the properties you offer. Our data has shown that, top performing agents use an average of 8.3 different languages for their property descriptions, over double the average number of translations used by other agents. This means that the more languages a property description is written in the better it will perform.


You’ve probably heard of email marketing gurus Mailchimp. But have you ever considered that they might offer exactly what you need to keep in touch with your leads?

Sending out regular newsletters or emails to your list of contacts can be a great way to keep you front of mind and let potential buyers know about exciting new properties you have on your books. And Mailchimp can help you do that stress-free by providing a template for you to input content into whenever you want to send out a mail. This world-famous app tool can also help you manage your mailing list and ensure the safety of recipients’ email addresses and other data. Something that is vitally important since the introduction of European GDPR regulations earlier this year.


Posting to social media can often feel like a time drain but it doesn’t have to be if you use clever tools to help you. By scheduling your social media posts (in other words setting them up in advance to go out at the time you want them to) you can devote an hour or two and put together all the posts you need for a week rather than creating a new post and communicating with your customers as and when you have time.

Buffer is a great option if you’re just getting started with scheduling posts. It’s simple to use, you just create posts and add them to your queue. You then choose whether you want Buffer to schedule them for you by looking at peak engagement times, or whether you want to specify when they will appear. The app also provides tools that you can use to analyse your posts and learn about which ones are working for your audience.

So, which one will you try first?

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