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Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz Province
Map outline showing Cadiz Province

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Cadiz Province

Province in Andalucia

Discover historical Spain in this Andalucían province of ancient cities, pretty whitewashed towns, rugged mountains and majestic coastline.

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Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, province of Cadiz

Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, province of Cadiz

Why move to Cadiz Province

Move here to escape the tourists and discover Spain’s history, oozing with character and atmosphere, drenched in Andalucían sun and flowing with flamenco, sherry, and wine.

The province of Cadiz is located in southern Spain in the region of Andalucía. In this province you can find the appropriately named Costa de la Luz (‘Coast of Light’), but it’s not just the coastline that soaked in light – the whole province is bathed in the stuff. Pretty little pueblos blancos (whitewashed towns) feel as though they have been bleached by the intense Andalucían sun – blue skies seem to stretch on forever, clothing the province in rich golds and purples at dusk.

With all this sun, the province generally enjoys a warm, Mediterranean climate. However, there are some significant differences depending on where you are. For example, the city of Cadiz is generally hot, with mild or warm winters, whereas the town of Tarifa is much cooler, especially given its southerly location. Wherever you are in the province, one thing you can be sure of is plenty of sun – at least 300 days worth annually.

The pace of life around here is generally laid back; much of the province seems relatively untouched by the modern, high-rise developments found in other parts of Spain. Rich history and culture seasons the cities and towns with casual abandon; Flamenco echoes full-throated from shops, bars, and taxis; ancient ruins pepper the province. Its most important export – sherry – flows abundantly through pretty coastal towns.

The oldest city in Europe was discovered here, just beneath Cadiz city’s old centre, which itself oozes atmosphere and a kind of faded grandeur reminiscent of Naples. Explore the mountains, fields, forests, salt flats and beaches between the province’s cities and towns and you will find they are strikingly beautiful, elemental, and for the most part, empty. For all its rich history, culture and landscape, the province of Cadiz is a hidden gem which remains relatively undiscovered by tourists.

However, don’t confuse the lack of tourists and relaxed, easy-going way of life for a lack of action – there’s plenty. Go windsurfing on the Campo de Gibraltar, kitesurfing in Tarifa or try hiking, mountaineering, potholing and rock climbing at the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park and the Alcornocales Natural Park. For sensual delights, head to the bohemian city of Jerez for one of its many festivals, where you can also experience Flamenco in intimate style in cosy peñas (social clubs) and tabancos (old style bars). If you love food, follow your nose along the unofficial “golden mile of gastronomy”, where you are likely to be tempted off the street by the smell of pescaíto frito (platters of fried fish), freshly caught from the nearby Mediterranean sea. Jerez is the wine-capital of Andalucía, so when you are done you can wash it all down with some delicious local sherry or wine – after all, it would be rude not to…

Where to live in Cadiz Province

Picture of  Costa De La Luz Map outline of  Costa De La Luz
Costa De La Luz

Costa in Cadiz Province

This striking, windy coastline of almost continual beach is beloved by surfers and Spanish holiday makers alike for its gorgeous beaches, excellent weather and laid-back atmosphere.

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Picture of  Sotogrande Map outline of  Sotogrande

Town in Cadiz Province

At the point where Cadiz meets the Western end of Malaga, in the municipality of San Roque, lies Sotogrande: the most luxurious residential development in Europe.

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Picture of  Chiclana De La Frontera Map outline of  Chiclana De La Frontera
Chiclana De La Frontera

Town in Costa De La Luz

Located on the Costa de la Luz, this historic town puts you within easy reach of the beach, not to mention the beautiful city of Cadiz.

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