Episode 20: Olle who purchased in Oliva, Valencia

21st May 2018
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Episode 20: Olle who purchased in Oliva, Valencia

This week we’re joined by Olle, who recently purchased a house in Oliva, Valencia with his wife. As freelancers from Sweden, they go to their new place for holiday as well as a place to do their work. With access to the beach by bike, Olle enjoys soaking up the sun and mixing with the friendly locals.

Show Notes

  • [2:41] Important factors when buying a place in Spain
  • [4:21] How Olle researched properties in Spain
  • [5:06] OIle’s experience of finding a home with Oliva Casas
  • [6:04] Description of the property
  • [6:54] What’s the Oliva area like?
  • [7:34] How he splits his time between home in Oliva and Stockholm
  • [8:18] How the Spanish culture helps creativity
  • [9:33] Olle’s experience of renovating houses
  • [11:15] Olle’s advice on buying in Spain
  • [12:22] His experience of the legal process in Spain



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Welcome to the Kyero.com Spanish Property podcast where we interview people who recently purchased a home in Spain.

They tell us what worked, what didn’t and what they’d do differently next time.

I’m Beth Davison and today I’m speaking with Olle, from Sweden, who purchased a house in Oliva, Valencia

Olle not only wanted his perfect village location but was also looking to do some renovation on the house himself, as a break from work, and to add space for family and friends to visit.

He worked with estate agent Oliva Casas to find his dream home in Spain.  

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Body of Transcript

Olle:  My name is Olle and I’m from Stockholm, Sweden and I’m a writer. My wife and I bought a house in Oliva, in the south of Valencia, north of Alicante (between). It’s a village house.

Beth:  So, how did it all start for you? When did you first start having these conversations?

Olle:  My wife is an editor and translator, so we have talked about having a holiday/work place in the sun for a long time. We have been freelancers for many years. We started with France, and looked in France, because she’s translating from French and English, but it was too cold in France.

We went more south, and more south, and this last year we started to think that maybe we should take up Spain again. We had been here five or six years ago when we were traveling this coastline and we talked about it. Then I started write down what we wanted, like what we couldn’t afford with our budget and so on, and how far it is to the airport it was, and things like that. Then I started to look at the different villages down here on this coastline. Then, all of sudden, I found this little place called Oliva.

It’s amazing because it’s everything that I had written down. Everything was so great.

Beth:  Yeah, perfect. So, what did you have written down? What were the most important factors?

Olle:  One thing that is very important is that an airport be rather close – one hour from an airport. We are from Stockholm, Sweden and it’s a four hour flight, and you need to have different companies fly to that airport. Alicante is a marvelous airport. It’s brilliant. They really know how to take care of you.

That was one thing, and another thing was that, in many of these countries there are highways rather close to the sea, to the beach, and to be on the right side of the highway (if you can understand), so that you can bicycle down to the sea.

Beth:  Oh, nice idea. OK, were you flying with your bike?

Olle:  No, I wasn’t flying with my bike. It was just that feeling of going on a bike and rolling down to the sea and not have to cross big roads and things like that.

Beth:  Yes, fair enough. Did you know your budget and how many bedrooms you wanted and things like that?

Olle:  Yes, yes, we knew our budget and we had a quite strict budget. So, I am very interested in renovation and renovating, myself. It’s a good thing when you are a writer to rise up from your chair, sometimes, and do some real work.

Beth:  Yes, definitely.

Olle:  So, therefore, I wanted to find something that we could make for ourselves.

Beth:  So, were you doing most of your research on the internet in Stockholm, or did you travel a lot to Spain? How did it work?

Olle:  We did, really, everything on the internet. You can walk in every village with the Google Maps.

Have I been traveling? I’ve been to Majorca many times. I’ve been here on this coastline many times before, so I’m quite familiar with many things. So when I walk in, with this Google Maps, you can feel how this reminds me of that. So, there are many things that you can discover on the internet.

Beth:  How useful was your agent? At what point did your agent start getting involved in the process?

Olle:  My agent, in one way they are a main part. When I came here, to Oliva, I had seen this particular house, actually, on the internet. Then I contacted Oliva Casas, this agent, and they were brilliant. They immediately understood what I wanted and they understood my budget and so on.

When I came here, in November of last year, for my first time in Oliva, they really took care of me and they showed me a lot of houses. You could see that they understood everything that I wanted. They were not pushy but they made everything happen. So, they were absolutely brilliant.

Beth:  Fantastic. The location that you’re in, tell me a little bit more about the surrounding area and the house itself.

Olle:  The house itself, it’s a village house. It’s quite interesting. It’s three meters wide and it’s nineteen meters long, so it’s small. Village houses here in Spain, many times there are windows on the street, on the wall to the street and there’s a patio in the middle with an oaken roof. So, it can be quite dark. This house has a little garden on the other side, on the outside so I can walk nineteen meters and I can come out to a garden. From that garden I have a fantastic, beautiful view over Oliva, over the little Pueblo, and then the Mediterranean.

Beth:  Beautiful. Outside of your grounds, what is the area like?

Olle:  We are a little bit in the outside of town, up on the hill, but we are still inside on one of the last streets. It’s a very Spanish village. We wanted a very Spanish village, so on the street I think there are one or two English people and maybe some French, but then there are Romanians and there are Spanish and more people from all different countries, so it’s a wonderful atmosphere – very friendly.

Beth:  Yeah, it sounds very different to Stockholm. So, how do you split your time? Is it a holiday home for you?

Olle:  Holiday of course, but also we go down here and work. We’ll go down here and work for two weeks, or write. I take my work with me, and my wife, also is able to take her work and we go down here and make the house a place to work in, also, so, not only a holiday home.

Beth:  Yeah, it sounds lovely. What kind of writing do you do?

Olle:  I wrote a novel last year and I’m working on another one, now. I also have written some non-fiction books.

Beth:  Do you find that the Spanish atmosphere helps with that, helps with your creativity?

Olle:  Yeah, absolutely. I always adored Spain. They are extremely friendly. They still say hello to each other on the street when you meet someone, even if you don’t know them. There is always this, where you say goodbye, when you leave someone at the grocery store, and when you see others in the line. It’s very friendly.

Beth:  Is it friendlier than Stockholm?

Olle:  Absolutely, absolutely

Beth:  Interesting, interesting.

I wanted to just talk about the process a little bit more. When you bought your house, how much renovating needed to happen?

Olle:  There is new electricity, and I had to look at all the water and pipes and so on. I’m building two small bathrooms. I have one bathroom, but we have two children. They are in the process of getting married and having children themselves and so on. Hopefully they will come down here and so I wanted them to have a room and a bathroom.

Beth:  Yeah, fantastic. How did you get help for things like this renovation stuff? Where did you go to buy all of your stuff? Who gave you the advice on that?

Olle:  The advice I got from Oliva Casa, from Jane, who I bought the house with. Then, I have renovated two or three houses in Stockholm or Sweden, so I’m quite used to the process of how to start and so on. There are companies close by in Gandia, our closest city. It’s quite a big city and they have all the companies and whatever you need.

Beth:  Fantastic. How is your Spanish? Did you find that there was a language barrier when you were doing things like that, or are you quite good?

Olle:  No, not at all. I read Spanish in school, but it was thirty-five years ago, but I want to learn and I want to know. You have some words and you just try to use them.

Beth:  Yeah, exactly. So, which part have you found the most challenging of the whole process?

Olle:  Not really anything.

Beth:  Yeah, it sounds like you had a very easy time of it.

Olle:  I came here in November and I looked at six houses and this house was one of them. Jane (the broker) and I understood that this was the house for us. Then a couple of weeks later I brought Patricia, my wife, down here. We looked at two houses and she also found out that this house the place for us. Then we just made an offer. It was quite simple.

Beth:  Yeah, and the rest is history.

If you were going to give advice to people doing the same thing as you, or just starting the buying process, what advice would you give them?

Olle:  write down everything. If you’re a golf player, write down how long it should be to the golf course. Do you want to live at the golf course, like other people do? I play golf myself, but I don’t want to live by a golf course because it’s not the Spanish village. Consider things like that. Write out everything that you want because there are so many villages and there are so many beautiful places in Spain. So, you can nearly really find everything you’re looking for.

Beth:  Fantastic. You were doing it uniquely from other people that I have spoken to and who are British. You’re not closer, because the flight times are similar. Did you find that there are any similarities to buying property in Sweden?

Olle:  We had a very good lawyer, here. That’s good advice – to get the service of a good lawyer that you can speak to in your language – in a language so that you can understand things. So, I think the legal process is much more genuine, in one way, here. I felt more secure here. There was a lawyer and I could rely on him.

When we bought the house they saw that, on the town drawings that the house was too small. So, that was the lawyer that discovered that. So, they had to just make the new drawings of the townhouse before we could sign the papers. It took two or three weeks to do that, but that was for our sake.

It was things like that, where no one had seen something like that before. So, a good lawyer is very good. He has done everything, the lawyer. He even gave us our NIE numbers, that are not difficult to get, but he did everything. He had the process and he’s a famous guy, probably, in this little village. Oliva is about twenty-five thousand people living here. I don’t know how many are here year round, but this guy, the lawyer, is probably a well known guy here. That’s also creates trust in people.

Beth:  My last question is about your kind of lifestyle, when you visit Spain, and what your favourite part of Spanish life is?

Olle:  If you compare it to coming from a cold country, like at home, because it’s so cold throughout. The feeling here is that they need each other in many ways. So there are a lot of tapas bars. There is a very friendly atmosphere between all people, even older people.

You can see men in their sixties really talking to each other with an atmosphere of connection that you don’t see in other countries. I think that is probably a climate thing. They have these tapas bars. They really want to meet each other. That’s a very nice feeling, I think.

Beth:  Fantastic, that’s perfect. Thank you, Olle. We are done, that’s everything. I’m glad that you are loving it. Thank you so much and I hope that you keep enjoying it and that it keeps being as easy as it has been. Congratulations!

Olle:  Thank you.

Beth:  Cheers, thanks Olle, bye.

Olle:  Bye bye.


Thank you for listening and thanks to Olle for sharing their experiences along with  Oliva Casas for their help to make this episode possible

I was particularly like the way Olle used technology in his research with Google Maps and Google Earth helping so much in his house hunt

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Next week I speak with Simon, from Farnborough, who purchased a house in Pruna, Seville.

Inspired, initially, by a motorbike holiday through Spain he ended up spoiled for choice with two properties he loved equally, so caught on the fence, he told me that he got splinters. Tune in next time to find out which one he chose.

I’m Beth Davison and you’ve been listening to the Kyero.com Spanish property podcast. I’ll see you next week!


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