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10 Things International Buyers Really Care About

Why is it important to learn more about your international buyers and what they’re looking for? Because you’ll be able to hold empathetic conversations that help them feel you understand them. You’ll also be able to offer valuable information to help them make informed decisions about the locations and the properties they’re viewing.

what do international buyers care about?

So, let’s put ourselves in the shoes of people looking to move to Spain and think about what it is they’re really looking for from the experience and from the process:

  1.       Somewhere they can fit in

Whether it’s a ready-made expat community or a welcoming village, not everyone is looking for the same thing, but everyone wants to be made to feel like they belong. If you feel that a particular property is not in an area that would open their arms to outsiders, it may be best not to market it to international buyers.

  1.       An easy process

From the admin involved in setting up a mortgage to the reams of legal documentation required, you won’t be able to help your buyers with everything, but anything you can do to lighten the load will be gratefully received. Check out our previous blog post: How to make the house purchase process less stressful for your buyers.

  1.       Safety and security

One of our most primal human needs is that of safety, and it’s one that you can tap into to reassure buyers about the area they’re searching. Find out a little about rates of crime in the locale and if they’re favourable make sure to mention it. You could also draw attention to safety features of the property such as alarms, CCTV cameras or gated entrances.

  1.       Living the life they dream of

When you meet your prospective buyers initially, make sure you ask the right questions to get a feel for what they’re looking for, and not just the type of property, but the lifestyle they’re expecting to live. Whether your buyers are retiring and looking for a great social life and plenty of golf or they’re relocating the family and want plenty of outdoor activities for the kids, listen carefully and make sure the properties and locations you suggest fulfil this dream.

  1.       Their daily dose of sunshine

We find that one of the reasons people choose to move to Spain, and one of the reasons they love it so much is simply down to the promise of the sun. Whether it’s for health reasons or the love of being outdoors there are many benefits to a life spent in the sunshine. Discussing the number of days of sunshine per year that your buyers can expect can be a very powerful motivator.

  1.       Support and information they can rely on

Buying property in a foreign country can be nerve-wracking. There’s plenty of information out there online, but it can be lengthy to wade through and difficult to know whether it’s up to date and can be trusted. Encourage your buyers to ask questions about anything they’re worried about and direct them to reliable resources like the Kyero How to Buy Guide and our new Spanish property buyers’ blogs designed to support them on their journey.

  1.       Reassurance about the economic viability of the area

It may be that your prospective buyer is looking for their forever home, or they might be looking for a holiday home that they can rent out when they’re not in town. Either way, they’re likely to want reassurance that the economic prospects of the area are not about to nosedive. Since the crash in 2008 there has been nervousness in the market, but as we’ve continued to report, house prices are going from strength to strength. As is always the case though, certain areas are faring better than others. Keep an eye on the market data and reassure your prospects about the strength of the areas they’re looking at.

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  1.       The ability to stay in touch with family and friends

For different people this will mean different things. But talk to your prospective buyer about their situation. If they’re expecting to receive visitors regularly, they’ll likely need additional bedrooms and bathrooms as well as a reasonable commute to an airport that serves their home country. While if they’re keen on keeping in touch with the grandkids through online video calling, they may want you to identify areas that have fast broadband speeds.

  1.       The availability of good healthcare

Particularly if they’re moving to Spain later in life, you may find that your clients are keen to make sure the local healthcare facilities will be adequate to meet their needs in the future. But younger expats too may have medical needs that need to be catered for such as regular medicines to collect. Help them to understand how doctors and pharmacies work in the area to give them confidence that their needs will be met.

  1.   Working with someone they like and trust

This may sound obvious but building a great working relationship with your prospective buyers will take you a long way towards a successful sale. Be courteous, always be on time and offer help and advice generously. That way your clients will build up a level of trust and will want to use you to help them in their search. They may even recommend you via word of mouth – a very powerful marketing tool.

To stay up to date with what international buyers are looking for as well as ways to improve your services, make sure you listen regularly to our Spanish buyers’ podcasts. And why not share these, the buyers’ blogs and other useful resources with your audience on social media and in your newsletters?


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