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How to Write Property Listings Guaranteed to Generate Real Estate Leads: A 350,000 Property Comparison

We may have looked at what makes a great property profile a few weeks ago, but sometimes there’s no substitute for learning from the best.

That’s why this week we’re looking at some of the top performing listings that have appeared on Kyero over the last three months, based on the volume of enquiries received.


We’ll suggest why we think they’ve done well and what could be improved to make them perform even better in the future.

€0 – €100k – Corvera Villa


On the lower end of the price scale, this one has received an incredible 182 enquiries over the last 90 days. So, why has it done so well?

In the popular expat region of Murcia, the price makes this villa great value for money as the agent has pointed out. There are 41 photos included in the listing giving a great feel for all aspects of the property and the community in which it sits.

There is a brief description, discussing the main features of the property and suggesting it is the “ideal environment to relax and enjoy nature, near several golf courses.” This works well to speak to the target audience of this property – largely retired expats.

Features include the distance to the nearest airport – 10 minutes – a huge draw for visiting families and friends, and a 30 minute drive to the beach. The agent also states that the property has massive rental potential – perfect to catch the eye of anyone looking for an investment property or one to rent out for part of the year.

What could be improved?


While there are plenty of photos giving a ‘sunny’ view of the property, the quality could be sharper. Perhaps half the number of better quality photos would serve the agent well. It might be worth drawing attention to the close proximity to the airport in the initial part of the description as this appears to be a benefit to the target audience of this villa.


€100k – €250k – Chiclana De La Frontera


This lovely traditional villa near Cadiz is marketed beautifully by Andaluz Homes. With plenty of colourful photos showing off the charm of the home and detailed description pulling out all aspects that could be particularly attractive to a potential buyer. The description leads us through the property and, alongside the photos, gives a very truthful representation of what it’s like, meaning the enquiries received will be very ‘warm’.

The agent points out that the property needs a little updating but turns it nicely into a positive by drawing attention to the traditional features of the property. And it is apparent from the photos that some effort has been put into the presentation of the rooms.

The agent has used the recommended features table to further highlight many of the important things potential buyers may be looking for.

What could be improved?


We would suggest adding more information about the local area and available activities. It could be interesting to see whether using Kyero’s auto-translate feature would result in an increase in enquiries.


250k – €500k – Jalon Villa


With its stunning white walls, blue skies and mountain scenery the listing for this villa near Benidorm is certainly eye-catching. But what is it about it that has attracted significantly more enquiries than others within the price bracket?

We think it’s the neutral décor and tidy photos giving the impression that it’s possible to move straight in and get on with a new life sipping Rioja staring at the view!

The description takes us through plenty of details about the property giving us lots of lifestyle elements and nice touches including “breathtaking views and you will see the most amazing sunrises and sunsets!”

What could be improved?


While some use has been made of the features table, more could be done with this as it offers a great at-a-glance comparison between different properties. Also, the description could be laid out in a manner that is slightly easier to read. We would suggest adding paragraphs, white space and perhaps bullets so the reader is able to take in more of the information more quickly.

New call-to-action

500k – €1m – Mijas Costa Villa


A lovely, aesthetically pleasing image has been chosen as the main photo to capture a buyer’s attention. The listing for this stunning villa between Malaga and Marbella starts with a note that the price has been reduced by over €200k. This is bound to garner attention – everyone likes to feel they’re getting a bargain. Photos are of high quality, with the rooms having been ‘dressed to impress’ – as a new build it is always easier to avoid unnecessary clutter in photos.

The listing provides a lovely description of everything a buyer could expect from the property, including thoughtful touches aimed at the target audience such as a note about the child-friendly pool with its sunny and shaded areas.

The description also provides useful information about the distance to the beach and to nearby large towns. And it makes good use of the features table available.

What could be improved?


The description could be written for easier readability by adding paragraphs and white space as well as perhaps bullet points to make specific points clearer. It might also be worth trying the auto-translate feature to see if that would increase the number of enquiries received.


€1m+ – Cala Vinyes Villa


Topping the higher cost bracket is this stunning villa on the popular island of Palma. And after a quick flick through the photos, it’s easy to see why this one is popular.

Plenty of great quality photos of the outside of the villa along with parking, pool and views are sure to catch the eye of anyone browsing this bracket for an island property.

When you’re marketing a new-build it can sometimes be difficult for potential buyers to picture the room furnished, so in this case, the agent has included photos of the finished space alongside CAD images with furniture in place helping to give a better idea of the space available.

The description, while not overly detailed includes lovely adjectives like “light-flooded” to help add to the impression of a light airy space. Both the description and later a bullet point list have been used to draw attention to the main selling points – the size, the infinity pool, the terrace and the open plan space.

The description finishes with a useful paragraph about Cala Vinyes, the small local town.

What could be improved?


We’d love to see some more photos of the bedrooms and bathroom to give an idea of space and style before deciding whether to view. And the agent might find they can increase the number of enquiries received by using Kyero’s auto-translate feature to provide details in other languages.

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  • Jan Coenen says:

    How can I use the Key features table? Unable to find it.

    • dawn at says:

      Hello Jan,
      Thank you for contacting us.
      Please see the 3rd item in the list below features:
      Login to your Kyero account
      1. Edit a property and go to the description section (2)
      2. Select ‘Auto translation’ at the bottom of the list of languages.
      3. Choose the features which apply to the property in question
      4. Save by clicking Update at the bottom of the page
      5. These property features are now translated into all languages used on
      6. This does not overwrite any free-text or manual descriptions you have entered.
      7. The auto-translated phrases are displayed in addition to any manual descriptions.
      If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us on [email protected]

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