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Improve the Quality of your Property Listings with Kyero

Your listing is competing against thousands of others to attract attention and get in front of the perfect buyer. That’s why it’s important you do everything you can to make sure it’s not overlooked in favour of someone else’s.

Improving Property Listings

Here we look briefly at the elements you need to include for a top-quality listing and then we share some exciting news about how we’ll be offering you even more support to make sure those property listings keep on getting better.


What makes a good listing?

When you’re pulling together a property listing there are a few things it pays to remember:

  1.   Choose your images wisely – make sure the first four images are eye-catching and focus on the most distinguishing features of the property and its surroundings. And make sure the rest of your images are sharply in focus and portray an honest, yet positive view of the property. There’s no point in attracting people to book viewings with photos that suggest the property is more spacious than it actually is, that only leads to disappointment down the line. Learn more about creating photos that sell.
  2.   Include the key features of the property up front – There will be specific things that some searchers are looking for. By providing a list of the biggest ‘selling points’ for your property (and focusing on some of the ‘lifestyle’ elements) you’ll give your viewer the opportunity to work out quickly whether they want to read on. Include things like a ‘good-sized swimming pool with sunny terrace’, the ‘5-minute walk to the best beach on this coast’ or a ‘nice, quiet community giving you the opportunity to mix with friendly locals’. This doesn’t have to be a list of all the property details – you can get into that later – simply the headline things you think might interest potential buyers.
  3.   Write a more detailed description – Further down the listing include all those important details, such as room sizes and storage that will allow potential buyers to determine whether the property will provide the accommodation space they need.  
  4. Translate your listing for international audiences – We often see that property listings that have been translated into multiple languages perform better on average, no doubt due to the larger audience that they are opened up to. You can easily translate your Kyero ads into 13 languages at the push of a button, so what are you waiting for?

For more ideas about creating the perfect ad see our step by step guide to creating a successful property listing.


Why the quality of your listings is set to become even more important

We promised you exciting news, didn’t we? Well, here it is.

We’re working on a new agent dashboard which will provide you with amazing insights into the performance of your property listings… It promises to give you a quick snapshot of which listings are performing well alongside ideas for how to make improvements.

The new dashboard interface will include valuable additional statistics such as ad impressions, page views, enquiries and conversion rates. All of which will mean you can look at performance at an overall level as well as by individual listing to help you make tweaks and changes and test out what is working well for you.

The new dashboard will be available at the end of 2019. If you take the time to improve the quality of your ads and listings now, you will be perfectly primed to reap the huge benefits when it is released later this year.

Something to look forward to!

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