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How to Sell a House in Poor Condition

As a real estate agent, getting a new house onto your books is a cause for celebration. But what if the property you’ve just managed to attract is far from perfect? Immediately, you know it’ll be a hard sell and will potentially take up additional time and resources that you don’t necessarily have available. This week we’re looking at some easy ways you can increase your chances of ‘selling’ the property, both in your adverts and when you’re showing a prospective purchaser around.

How to sell a house in poor condition

Really think about your photos

Just because the property is in need of renovation doesn’t mean there’s absolutely nothing good about it in its current state. Try to find the positives as you plan the photos you’ll take. Is there a particularly spacious hallway? Capture it. Are there original fireplaces? Zoom in on them. Beautiful Spanish tiles on the floor? Make them a feature in a photo. Ensure your photos are not just showing the extent of the work to be carried out as this could be off-putting to potential buyers.

That said, you don’t want to waste time showing people around if they’re not likely to be interested, so it’s worth including pictures of the problem areas so viewers know what to expect – just make sure they’re not the only ones you upload. 

Sell the local area

If the house is not yet up to standard, it might be worth talking about the positive points of the local area. You could discuss annual events, local traditions and celebrations, tourist attractions that are within easy reach, as well as features of the area such as award-winning restaurants, beautiful beaches or well-regarded schools. Tailor the things you choose to the buyer that’s in front of you. Once they are enamoured with the wonderful location, they are sure to have a more positive view of the house as a whole.

See how to be an expert on your local area for more ideas to help your viewers work out whether an area is the right one for them. And why not check out our Kyero area guides to make sure you’ve covered off everything of note?

Sell the potential

Research the value of other similar properties in the area and talk to potential buyers about how much the property is likely to be worth if it’s done up to a good standard. Remember, there are always people looking for a ‘project’ or a doer-upper. At the right price, they’ll be happy to take the property off your hands, knowing the investment will pay off in the end.

Talk about the project positively

Obviously, honesty is important here as you don’t want to pretend that everything will be easy, but it’s worth talking positively about any potential renovation project. Mention your connections with local contractors that you could put them in touch with (providing you have some) and discuss other similar properties that you’ve seen done up in the past, with good results. If you’re aware of any other properties that are on the market and have previously been renovated, try to arrange a visit and share any before/after photos if they’re available. This is a great way to give potential buyers both the confidence and vision to take that leap.

Sell the process of renovating

There are a great many benefits to buying a property that is comfortably within budget and spending money on it yourself. So now’s the time to discuss them. The ability to put your own stamp on a place is a great reason to consider a property that needs work as it allows you to choose where you want to spend the money, and exactly how you want the end result to be. If a buyer makes a purchase at the top end of their budget, they might potentially be stuck with a kitchen they hate, or décor that’s just not to their taste, for some time before they’re able to do anything about it.

 At the end of the day, honesty is the best policy. You should never ‘oversell’ a property to make it sound better than it really is. Prospective buyers will only be disappointed from the moment they arrive, making it an extremely hard sell. Much better that you attract fewer enquiries, but that the ones you do receive are interested in the house exactly as it is. That way you won’t waste time on viewings that were never likely to go anywhere in the first place.

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