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Kyero’s new Agent Directory is live!

Here at Kyero we take feedback very seriously, whether that’s from our visitors or our agents.  And, whenever practical, we try to implement that feedback to make the buying and selling process as easy and straightforward as possible.  So now we have some very exciting news: our brand new Agent Directory is live!

Kyero Agent Directory

What is the Agent Directory?

Put simply, it’s a list of all our agents in one place so visitors can find you.  Visitors can:

  • search for agents who have properties in a particular location
  • filter for agents who speak their language *

Kyero Agent Directory

What are the benefits to agents?

It’s your chance to really showcase your agency and stand out from the competition.  People buy from people, so you can add photos of you and your team, share testimonials and recommendations from happy buyers, and really make the most of this opportunity to encourage visitors to choose you and your agency to help them find their dream home in Spain.  

*  And one extra benefit, you’ll also be able to receive seller leads as well as buyer leads, enabling you to capitalise on this additional route to market too.

What features are we offering to agents?

  • Your logo and a banner picture
  • An About section with details on your business and space for testimonials
  • A Team section if you have photos of your staff
  • An Office section with your contact details and address with location map
  • A Properties section which details how many properties you have for sale and/or rent
  • A Contact form so visitors can get in touch with you easily & directly
  • A Buyer stories section so if you’ve participated in one of our Buyer’s Story Podcasts, potential visitors can hear how brilliantly helpful you are!

Kyero Agent Directory

Sounds good – what do I have to do?

All the information is taken from your Agent Profile on your Kyero Dashboard.  And the more details you fill in on your Dashboard, the more information your potential buyers will be able to see. 

Kyero Agent Directory

So don’t delay, get over to your Agent Dashboard now and fill in everything a visitor would need to know about you and your agency.  Remember, it’s your chance to convince them why they should choose YOU.

What are you waiting for? Let’s make it happen!

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