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Marketing & Advertising: where to spend your money & resources in 2019 & beyond

Last month we looked at the sort of things you should be including in a successful real estate marketing strategy, but we know you don’t have the budget for everything, so let’s break it down further and look at how you can make your marketing and advertising spend work as hard as possible for you this year.

Marketing & Advertising

Get your properties in front of as many eyes as possible

Property portals, such as, work so well to generate enquiries because they offer people exactly what they need: an easy way to find, filter and view numerous properties, and then quickly enquire about the ones they’re interested in.

But advertising on a portal is about more than just a pretty way of showing off your listings. Kyero works hard in the background to continually improve its search engine optimisation to ensure it consistently appears at the top of search results for people looking to buy property in Spain.  This means your listings will potentially appear in front of a much larger audience than if you were relying on your website alone. We offer plenty of valuable advice and guidance to help you get the best out of everything the portal has to offer.

In fact, we’re so sure that Kyero will generate enquiries for you we give you a guarantee. For every €25 you spend with us, we guarantee you’ll receive at least one property lead. If for any reason this isn’t met, your advertising will be free until you reach that level (see small print).

Here are some other ways that Kyero will get more eyes on your properties.

Make the most of the leads you generate

While a portal like Kyero sits at the front end, helping you to pull in leads and enquiries, it’s what you do with them that counts. Unless you convert a good proportion of leads into sales, the investment to bring them in in the first place will go to waste.

That’s why it’s important to invest in a customer relationship management, CRM, system too, to help you manage those leads and make the most of every single one. But you don’t need one that’s all singing all dancing. If you’re just starting out, a simple system may well be all you need to get you organised.

At the very least you need somewhere to capture leads or enquiries and the associated names and contact details. Once you have a potential buyer on your system, no matter whether they came through a specific enquiry about a property or a more general enquiry about the area, you know they are a warm lead. That is, they are actively looking into buying a property in Spain.

Make sure you contact them, discuss what they’re looking for and record everything in your CRM. That way you can keep an eye out for the perfect property. Meanwhile, make a note of any activity around this potential buyer, properties you’ve shown them and their thoughts. Keep refining the picture you have of them so you can really get to know your potential buyer and find the perfect property, one that will be easy to sell to them thanks to the relationship you’ve built up.

Not only can you use your CRM for reference when contacting potential buyers and undertaking searches, you should be able to use it to filter prospects to target using email marketing campaigns. What’s more, you’ll be able to pull off reports showing recent activity and conversions, and to ultimately help you work out which areas your sales efforts need to be directed at over the next period.

In short, when you’re looking to prioritise your advertising budget and get the biggest bang for your buck, the key areas to invest in are the ones that can directly make you money – generating leads, retaining them and converting them into sales. Sounds simple when we put it like that, doesn’t it?

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